Ferries giving little cars laser treatment

Washington State Ferries, which created a discounted fare last year for cars 14 feet and shorter, now has a laser system to measure them. If you own a Mini Cooper, Mazda Miada or one of dozens of small cars, go to the ferry dock early and have it zapped to confirm the length. If car is less than 14 feet, you’ll get a windshield sticker and it’ll never have to be measured again.

The discount is being phased in over three years and will ultimately be 30 percent less than standard vehicles (14 to 22 feet). This first year, which began Oct. 1, regular car-and-driver fare is $12.75 one way in the Central Sound. It’s $11.50 for small cars. Even more reason for me to run out and buy a little roadster.

6 thoughts on “Ferries giving little cars laser treatment

  1. They shouldn’t have to measure each car. Get someone to spend a day looking at the manufacturers’ specs and make a list.

  2. Jeez the commenters on here are a bunch of whiners. Is that a Kitsap county thing, or…? Because this is not in any way shape or form a bad thing. Lighten up Francis!

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