Got any good ferry stories?

Washington State Ferries is fishing for stories as part of its 60th anniversary. It’s inviting its customers to share their favorite experiences.

You can submit them to, to the WSF blog at, to the WSF home page at or to Washington State Ferries, Attn. Director of Communications Marta Coursey, 2901 Third Ave., Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98121.

Some of the best to be featured in the “Spotlight” section on WSF’s website through its 60th anniversary year. Stories with photos are encouraged. Hard copies can’t be returned.


5 thoughts on “Got any good ferry stories?

  1. Haha, I’ve got a couple I won’t share because I’m worried the statute of limitations may not have run out yet. ;-p

    I remember riding the ferry to a Seahawks game with my wife. As we rounded the west side of Bainbridge Island I noticed a pod of killer whales off Eagle Harbor. I said to my wife, ‘look, whales’. At first she was skeptical, but I said ‘No really, right there’. Next thing I know, all of the people on a boat filled with football fans are crowding onto the Port side of the vessel. I swear the boat listed seriously to one side and I was briefly worried it could capsize.

  2. oh the old dot-com era commuting days…

    I remember missing the 5:10 boat every Friday as I had to go 12 miles from Factoria…so as a group we all ended up going to Red Robin and having dinner and a beer, and sometimes I’d come back and find my car was the only one in the parking lot!

    The guys on the ferry knew my Scirocco, it was small enough I could park it sideways on the back of the boat so a lot of times they would squeeze me in there – I’m sure the smart cars today would fit better…but that scirocco almost always got me on the boat!!

    Made some good friends on the Ferry “Ferry Friends” as Sabrina puts it! 🙂

  3. In the old Klakala days my dad, mom, brother and I were returning to Bremerton from one of our many Yakima trips. The weather was very blustery with many big whitecaps and a passenger deck full of ‘weekend vacationers. My brother and I sat laughing hysterically at the passengers attempted with extreme difficulty to walk a straight line. My older brother remarked that nobody was using the trash cans for the you know what, but they hung on for dear life to anything that was stationary.

  4. Ferry Remberances- I was born in Bremerton in 1935. In those good old days the ferrys were run by Black Ball. My mom was born in Chicago and would always wait for a very good weather report, because she was sure the ferry was going to sink. Grandma worked at the Bon Marche, so we went to the big city to visit often. The old ferrys alyways had a diner and my treat was to get hot cakes on the ferry, and thay looked great but the inside was always un cooked. I always cheered if our boat was the Klokloka, SP? To a young boy the modern silver sides were like a space ship. Mom always complained about the Klokoka, it was cold, noisey, and vibrated a lot. When Washington State took over the ferrys things got better, but the adventure for a young boy was still there. I now live in Bellevue and when the weather is good ad i feel the ferry won’t sink I buy a ticket to ride and dream about the glory days of the noisy cold Klokloka.

  5. One night I was riding home to Bremerton on the Seattle Ferry, it was a very stormy night with lots of lightening. As the ferry left Seattle I was sitting on the back of the ferry and watched a lightening show that could have put some fire work shows to shame. I wish I would have had a camera it was just amazing.

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