What’s the best multi-purpose truck

I’ve got too many rigs. It’s hard to even get in the driveway anymore, what with the kid driving now and a old full-sized pickup there just for dump duty and to pull the boat down to the launch four or five times a year. So here’s what I’m thinking: Get a rig that can get respectable mileage on my 23-mile-each-way commute (almost all highway), thus replacing my old Accord, that can also pull my boat out of the water, rending my F-150 unneeded. And I want to do it as inexpensively as possible.

What do you think. I immediately thought of a four-wheel-drive Toyota with a V6. They’re not cheap, though, and don’t really get that great of mileage.

Help me out.

3 thoughts on “What’s the best multi-purpose truck

  1. Ed – Check out Consumer Report’s – I think their car/truck/evaluations are excellent. And then get whatever one appeals to you most.
    Good luck — Sharon O’Hara

  2. How big is your boat and how far do you have to tow it? A standard Ford Ranger with a 2.3L four cylinder engine with an automatic transmission can tow a 2000 lb trailer and still gets 27 mpg on the freeway.

    Stick with an auto transmission, they have much higher towing capacity. Steer clear of all wheel drive vehicles, they get poor gas mileage. My Ranger is four wheel drive so can pull out even up a steep ramp, but has manual locking hubs which are less likely to have problems as the truck ages.

    1. Great advice, Robin. My boat is an old 19.5-foot Tiderunner. Don’t know the weight at the moment. Think its 3,000 or so. I tow it with an old 1988 F-150 with a small V8 and automatic. The only launch I’ve gone to is maybe 5-6 miles away. It tows it OK but I don’t want to commute in it.
      I will check into 4-cylinder, 4-wheel-drive automatics.

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