Ferry Privatization Report Delayed

Gov. Gregoire asked the Passenger Vessel Association to analyze Washington State Ferries governance and privatization and submit a report by yesterday, Dec. 1. The deadline has been pushed out. Now the draft report is due to the Office of Financial Management on Dec. 6 and the final report is on Dec. 21.

The expert panel wrote in its Sept. 7 report that the governance model for WSF is outside of the norm for public ferry operators and suffers from excessive oversight. It suggested further review, and the governor gave it the go-ahead.

2 thoughts on “Ferry Privatization Report Delayed

  1. When does the report come out on privatizing the DOT? Privatizing WSP? Privatizing DSHS?

    What a waste of taxpayers money. There is no way it can be privatized without a permanent funding source. It’s like the chicken and the egg, what comes first, reliable, affordable service or a funding source?

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