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Commute Count: July 14

There hasn’t been much new happening on the ol’ drive into work, but I saw something cool today. Near the Sedgwick interchange, there was a hawk flying with a snake dangling from its talons and another hawk trying to take it away from him in mid-air.

Then, after I got through Gorst, two herons flew right over the top of me, like they were in formation. Those are some pretty neat birds. They remind me of dinosaurs for some reason.

One annoying thing about the commute is my radio statics out through Gorst and again on Warren Avenue. Can’t understand a word they’re saying. I think it’s all the wires in those areas. I have the same problem when I cover something at Bangor, where there are no wires. I always imagine that they’re jamming my signals.

Chetzemoka Takes Over PT Route on Aug. 30

Washington State Ferries announced moments ago that its new 64-car ferry Chetzemoka will begin sailing the Port Townsend-Keystone route on Monday, Aug. 30. That will come after festivities Aug. 29 on Whidbey Island, in Port Townsend and aboard the boat. They’re still being planned.

The $65.5 million Chetzemoka is undergoing final outfitting and dock trials at Everett Shipyard. Washington State Ferries will conduct dockside traiing in mid-July and full crew and vessel training will begin in late July.

A second 64-car ferry is already under construction. It would also be the second boat on the Port Townsend route during the busy half of the year. Steel is being cut for a third one, for the Point Defiance-Tahlequah route.