Are Minivans Sexy Again?

Were they ever sexy?

I got a story idea from suggesting that “the minivan is bringing sexy back.” I don’t know what that means, but the gist is they’re making a comeback.

Maybe they mean minivan owners are sexy? I own one. It’s a 2004 Odyssey. Really nice car.  It took  persuading to get my wife to go for it, the van. She’s a businesswoman and didn’t like the image of a soccer mom. She wanted an SUV instead. I know one woman who did OK for herself after being a tenny-runnered soccer mom.

Even though we’re just a 3-person, 1-dog family, space was the top priority. The Odyssey was roomier than any SUV, so we bought it. There have only been a few times when we filled up all seven seats, or took them out to haul huge loads, but that’s OK. Though we don’t take full advantage of it, at least it’s not a gas guzzler. The only thing I hate is back windows don’t open and it can get claustrophobic back there. And I still haven’t figured out some of the gadgets, like putting it in park before opening a sliding door, or opening the sliding door while the gas door is open. It’ll start blaring out noises that keep going until my kid turns them off. That’s not very sexy.

But back to the minivan comeback. The press release says SUV sales continue to tail off, and that a crossover is really a minivan without a sliding door. Minivan demand is up 22.6 percent over the past 12 months, and crossovers are up 18.6 percent.

Lynn Thompson, author of, says compared to the SUV and crossover, the minivan is still the best choice for moms because “it offers all the space, functionality and features every mom could ever want when transporting kids.

And minivans are less expensive. Fully loaded vans like the Kia Sedona (28,600) and Toyota Sienna ($35,600) are cheaper than their crossover counterparts like the Buick Enclave ($42,100) and the GMC Acadia ($42,100).  It’s all relative when even the Kia is way of your price range.

So these guys are saying people are rediscovering the minivan and getting over the stigma of driving one. They’re getting helped by commercials like this one. My wife, after driving the van for six years, is back to wanting an SUV.

4 thoughts on “Are Minivans Sexy Again?

  1. In my humble opinion, a mini van is only “sexy” to the same mentality that buys any of the current crop of boxes (toaster replicas?) on wheels.

    If that is what “sexy” is to you, then I guess almost anything can turn someone on.

    However, that is not the case with this 19 year old trapped in a 55 year old body! For me, and many like me, automotive sex appeal has a lot more to do with American made muscle, not imported, family sized mass transit.

  2. They never were sexy, I called them fat station wagons. People are so gullible in marketing.

    Now we have all these crossovers that are rehashed hatchbacks from the 70’s. AMC and Eagle were way ahead of their time.

  3. If any car can be considered sexy…it had to be the old two-seat Jaguar XKE.
    Fifteen years after seeing and yearning to own one…I had the opportunity to buy a well kept used one. Sadly, by then I’d learned the great good looks also hid a malstorm of ill health…a dismal track record of constant repair.

    I couldn’t afford a second car and never again pined to own one though my heart did a flip flop every time I saw one…my penny pinching self thanked the Gods I didn’t owe my soul to the company repair garage.

    A most beautiful soft cream butter yellow corvette visited the main entrance of the Bremerton Harrison a couple weeks ago – oh my goodness…who could possibly compare such a dream to a mini van?
    I wonder what they’re smoking?
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. The license plate frame on my turbo two seater sports car convertible says:

    “Are for the OTHER Moms”

    Enough said.

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