Governor Visiting School That Named New Ferry Class

Gov. Chris Gregoire will be in Port Townsend Tuesday to congratulate Blue Heron Middle School students for naming the state’s newest classification of ferries.
Washington State Ferries conducted a contest to name the new classification of 64-car ferries with fourth-grade students from Chimacum, Port Townsend and Whidbey Island. Blue Heron student Rose Dunlap submitted the winning entry, Kwa-di Tabil (pronounced kwah DEE tah-bayle) Class Ferries, which is translated from the Quileute dialect for “Little Boat.” Gregoire will present the kids with a plaque.
The first Kwa-di Tabil Class ferry, Chetzemoka, is scheduled to begin service in late summer 2010. WSF is building two more Kwa-di Tabil Class ferries, which will begin service in 2011 and 2012.
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2 thoughts on “Governor Visiting School That Named New Ferry Class

  1. Congratulations, kids, you regurgitated just what you were spoon fed. I, and my tribal constituents, thank you.

  2. The real truth is the Governor wanted to spread her sleeping bag in the sleep over in the Blue Heron School gym and have breakfast in the school cafeteria…just like the Trek Tri Island bike riders did on the first loop of the ALAW’s three day cycling tour for lung disease.
    Can’t fool us.
    Sharon O’Hara

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