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What’s More Dangerous Than Texting While Driving?

Texting while driving is getting all the attention nowadays, but is it the worst distraction? recently polled 3,000 men and women drivers nationwide to find out.

In the survey, 18.3 percent of men said road rage and the temptation for revenge is the highest distraction today. They also think things like checking out other drivers (10.9 percent) and passenger conversations (9.5 percent) are bigger dangers than texting (7.6 percent).

Women say kids are the biggest distraction (26.3 percent), followed by putting on makeup (16.6 percent) and avoiding inclement weather (8.4 percent) Texting is way down in eighth place at 4.2 percent.

Here are the complete results:

Road Rage Frustration (18.3%)
Eating/Drinking (14.7%)
Checking Out Other Drivers (10.9%)
Kids in Car (9.8%)
Other Passenger Conversations (9.5%)
Reading Paper (9.3%)
Texting While Driving (7.6%)
Messing With Radio (7.1%)
Navigation (4.2%)
Avoiding Inclement Weather (4.0%)
Shaving (3.2%)
Other (1.4%)

Kids in Car (26.3%)
Putting on Makeup (16.6%)
Messing With Radio (10.4%)
Navigation (9.5%)
Avoiding Inclement weather (8.4%)
Other Passengers in Vehicle (7.1%)
Eating/Drinking (6.8%)
Texting While Driving (4.2%)
Reading (3.1%)
In-Car Video (2.5%)
Road Rage Frustration (2.4%)
Other (2.7)
I like the one about reading the paper while driving. That bodes well for us, if not for people on the roads.

Keep Those Campaign Signs Where They Belong

It’s that time of year again, so the state Department of Transportation has put out an advisory for candidates and their supporters to keep their signs out of state right-of-way.

They give a couple clues about how to tell state right-of-way from private property. Utility poles are usually inside the right-of-way, so you’re not allowed to put signs any closer to the road than that. Lots of time there’s a fence separating the right-of-way from private property. Don’t put the sign on the roadway side. Maintenance crews will remove them.

Political signs can be placed on private property and be visible from the highway if the property owner gives permission and they’re not violating any local codes. They can be a maximum 32 square feet in area and must be taken down 10 days after the election.

The best way to tell were a state highway right-of-way lies is by calling DOT’s outdoor advertising specialist Pat O’Leary at (360) 705-7296 or You’ll need to know the highway number and the nearest intersection.

Live Music Coming to Bainbridge Ferry

Washington State Ferries is working with The Triple Door to provide live entertainment on the Seattle-Bainbridge route beginning Saturday.

The debut performance features Seattle-based folk and blues artist Stanislove. The music begins aboard the 11:25 a.m. sailing from Seattle to Bainbridge and concludes aboard the 12:20 p.m. return trip from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.

This is the first performance in a three-month pilot program on the Seattle-Bainbridge route every Saturday through the end of December. For more information on the pilot program, visit “what’s new”