Here’s What The Fast Ferry Will Look Like

356-allamericanmarineembeddedprod_affiliate391The Bellingham Herald ran a story Wednesday from the boat-builder’s point of view about the low-wake fast ferry Kitsap Transit is having built up there by All American Marine. Company president Matt Mullett says he expects to start building it in June, after the company finishes another project, and it’ll take about 10 months to complete. They had these sketches of the boat.

3 thoughts on “Here’s What The Fast Ferry Will Look Like

  1. Great, millions of taxpayer dollars spent on a dream of the Empire of Kitsap Transit to rebuild the Mosquito Fleet. This from an organization that can not keep Sunday bus service on line. Fills me full of confidence. It is time the Empire of Kitsap Transit had a change in leadership. It is time they became a real public transportation system and not just a commuter transit system.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  2. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we vote it down. When the politicians want money and power, they find a way to get it.

  3. What companies lost the bid?
    Somehow I missed the bidding article.
    Sharon O’Hara

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