Better Cover Up Those Tomatoes

The National Weather Service does more than warn of avalanches, power outages, flying branches, dangerous driving conditions and flooding. Today it issued a special weather statement for sensitive plants.

Yep, temperatures could hit freezing Saturday morning, so the forecasters say if you have sensitive plants in the ground you’ll want to protect them.

Record low temps are possible as the skies clear out overnight. Doesn’t look like there’ll be one in Bremerton. The coldest April 4 was in 1955, when it got down to 29 degrees. The forecast for Saturday is 33 degrees.

There’s also been a wet start to April, with records for both the 1st and 2nd at Sea-Tac. Total rainfall for the two days was 1.31 inches. At the Bremerton airport, it was just .75 inches, according to the Weather Service. The wettest first two days of April here were in 1969, with 1.24 inches.

Once the cold air moves out on Saturday, we could see our first 60-degree days of the year, with 64 predicted for Sunday and 62 for Monday.