Ferries Help Rescue Three in 10 Days

This, according to David Moseley’s weekly update:

“In the past two weeks our vessel crews have performed three separate rescues of boaters in distress. On Saturday, March 7, around noon, the crew of the Steilacoom II launched its rescue boat and pulled two kayakers from the water amid high winds and heavy seas. On Saturday, March 14, the crew of the Kittitas launched its rescue boat to assist the Mukilteo Fire Department in removing an injured person from a sailboat in distress just offshore at Mukilteo. On Monday evening, March 16, the crew of the Issaquah rescued a kayaker in distress near the Fauntleroy terminal. The crew of the rescue boat also went back to retrieve the kayak after the boater was delivered safely to emergency medical personnel. I want to thank all involved in these rescues for their courage, professionalism and dedication.”