State Ferries Fourth Most Exciting in the World

The Society of American Travel Writers, the world’s largest organization of professional travel journalists and photographers, recently polled its members to come up with the “Top 10” most exciting ferry rides in the world. They are:

1. Star Ferry in Hong Kong

2. Ferries from Sausalito to San Francisco, Calif.

3. Staten Island Ferry, New York Harbor

4. Washington State Ferries, Puget Sound to the San Juan Islands

5. British Columbia Ferry System, including Vancouver to Victoria

6. Ferry from Sydney Harbor to Manly, Australia

7. The Ferry System of the Greek Isles

8. The “Blue Canoes” of the Alaska State Ferry System

9. “Norway in a Nutshell” Tour and ferry ride

10. Ferry from Mallaig to Isle of Skye, Scotland

“Washington State Ferries offer the most beautiful views of water, mountains and forests, with whales right up close, too,” said Robert Haru Fisher, a columnist and contributing editor for

“Stiff winds and dramatic weather changes turn a simple commute between islands into a short-burst travel journey on many of the Washington State ferries,” said Richard Varr, a freelance travel writer.

2 thoughts on “State Ferries Fourth Most Exciting in the World

  1. The ferry from Stavanger, Norway to Bergen, Norway should make the list. The “Norway in a Nutshell” tour includes a ferry ride, but it’s a tourist thing, I think.

  2. The boats running along Norway’s coast are working ships too, Cean…The Hurtigruten boats show the most beautiful scenery, including the towns at stops along the way and the chance for visitors to explore the wonderful towns while cargo is offloaded and more taken on.

    Surprising they weren’t mentioned while the ferries classed as unimportant and without proper funding in our state are mentioned.
    Just think…if we had passenger ferries connecting our towns and cities here … we might jump from #4 to #1!
    Sharon O’Hara

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