How Are Those Backroads Working?

It’s only been a few days since they blocked off Burley-Olalla Road from Highway 16, but I was wondering if it’s going to a big deal. Are Olalla Valley and Bandix roads becoming freeways? Has the mess in Purdy gotten even worse than usual?

I notice the highway speed limit is still 50 mph through there. I’ve written a bunch of times they’ll be reducing it to 40 mph, so that must be right.

The state will be having a big shindig down on Burley-Olalla on Friday, somewhere over by where the creek goes under. Paula Hammond and Judy Oke will be there, among others.

One thought on “How Are Those Backroads Working?

  1. Ed,
    I travel Nelson Road to Stevens and out to Westbound Hwy 16 from there. It has not been a problem, and there doesnt seem to be that much more traffic, but then I travel at 0730 & come back home at 430pm M-F. As of yet no problems, just leave 5 minutes early and drive careful. Come Winter, Nelson Road will be a little dicy on the hills, so will probably go out Peacock Hill Road, and then 144th to the freeway. No worries, it will benefit us in the long run, although once work gets really going on the highway, they will definately need to lower the speed limit to 45 mph
    Thanks for the thread

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