Monthly Archives: April 2008

Don’t Block the Ships

Some commenters to a story I wrote about the Gateway project seemed concerned that landscaping there might block the view of the Navy ships. I hope not, and I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case. When you drive into Bremerton, even for people not knowledgeable or interested in the Navy, those things are awesome and they say say everything about Bremerton’s identity.

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No Plans For Hwy 3/305 Funnel

Hi. I’m back. Sorry for the lapse.
An update I wrote a few weeks back about the Gateway Project along Navy Yard Highway led me to wonder what’s going on with the mess just beyond there where Highway 3 and Highway 304 both funnel from two lanes to one and then merge together near the treatment plant.
I called DOT and talked to Brenden Clarke, a project engineer, who said there are no plans and no money to do anything.
That brought to mind a story I wrote about the subject a long time ago.

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