I’m Dreaming of a Wine Christmas!

cork wreathYep, that’s right. No white stuff on Christmas for me. My dream is not exactly the Long Christmas Dinner envisioned by Thornton Wilder but a glorious Christmas Dinner with friends and family, several courses, a different wine with each course and lots of jolly conversation.

We’ll begin with grilled oysters on the half shell, a favorite starter. When they’re hot off the grill, cover them with a sauce made from cilantro, shallots, sushi vinegar, salad oil and pepper. We call it Alki Sauce and even those that shy away from bivalves, could be converted. It also helps to pop several bottles of bubbly, not only is it perfect match with the oysters, it helps to set that celebratory mood.

Next, a second course will move into the next level of white wine – the fish course. A couple of succulent, seared scallops on a bed of wild greens glistening with honey mustard dressing is my first choice. The queen of wines – white burgundy with its savory notes or a domestic Chardonnay from Santa Maria Valley or Santa Barbara – would pair up very nicely with the scallops and mustard dressing.

Ah and now the main course, a slab of meat with savory vegetables.  Picture a beautifully browned pork roast served with a pear thyme sauce, butternut squash bread pudding with a refreshing, crisp salad of fennel, apple and shaved Parmesan on the side.

With this main dish we’ll bring out that wine we’ve been saving for a special occasion – an old Bordeaux from 1995 or that magnum of Washington red from 1990 or both. Yeah, that would be heaven.

For dessert, we’ll have an apple cake – I’m stuck on that this year. This will be the sixth one I’ve made after discovering the recipe this fall. It will be spectacular with the 2001 German Riesling that I’ve been hoarding.

Special wines with wonderful food is my dream come true Wine Christmas. Wishing everyone a warm winter feast and special wines. Happy Holidays! Cheers to you!