White wine blend offers a crisp compliment to spicy peanut sauce

If you’re into wine, and we hope you are since you’re reading this column, then you may know a good wine to pair with Asian food, especially spicy Asian food, is riesling.

We are fortunate to live in a state that produces some of the nation’s best riesling, which means it’s easy to find a good one at relatively inexpensive prices.

If you read Ann Vogel’s In the Kitchen column and saw her recipe for Spicy Peanut Sauce — a versatile concoction that would do well as a dig for veggies, warmed over pasta, rice or as a marinade over chicken skewers — then you might think our wine pair choice for this recipe would be a riesling.

That’s a safe bet, and one we would recommend, but we’re going to change things up for this recipe and suggest a different white wine.

An unoaked chardonnay with crisp citrus notes and bright acidity would stand up perfectly to the heat of this dish, especially if you follow Vogel’s recommendations to add the cayenne pepper and jalapeño.

If you opt to serve this dish as a marinade to chicken skewers, or as sauce to pasta or rice, we think Hedges Family Estate, a longtime Washington winery, has the perfect blend to compliment your meal.

The winery’s 2012 CMS sauvignon blanc combines fruity notes of chardonnay like ripe pear and caramel apple with hints of citrus from the sauvignon blanc and orange blossoms from a touch of the marsanne grape.

Although not a chardonnay-dominate blend — the wine is 85 percent sauvignon blanc, 10 percent chardonnay and 5 percent marsanne — it marries the flavors perfectly, providing the acidity needed to stand up to the spiciness of the peanut sauce.

The wine is available at most grocery stores and retails for $14, although it is often cheaper at the store and was recently selling for just under $8 at Costco.