Weekly wine defined: Lychee

Brynn writes:

So lychee isn’t exactly a wine term per se, but it’s a descriptor I’ve seen recently when reviewing wines.

Lychee is a tropical fruit whose trees are native to Southeast Asia. The fruit is widely popular there and is found during the summer months in markets throughout the country. The fruit is juicy and its sweetness levels range from refreshing and light to thick and syrupy — much like wine.

It is often a flavor used to describe aromatic white wines. It also can be a wine itself — people ferment the fruit and create lychee wine.

Typically you’re going to see lychee as a descriptor in wines like Gewurztraminer, ice wines made from grapes afflicted with botrytis (a good kind of mold) and even some sauvignon blancs, chardonnays and viognier.