What we’re drinking: Hedges CMS

Brynn writes:

This past weekend I went over to my mom’s house so she could get some quality time with her grandson, and so I could catch up with a childhood friend who came down from Bellingham to visit. She brought her adorable little ones with her — her son is a month younger than our little guy, so we wanted to get them together to “play”.

My mom had read Ann Vogel’s recent column with the gumbo recipe and decided that’d be a perfect dinner to serve — plus it was easy, throw everything in the crock pot and play with the babies until it’s ready.

I told her I’d bring the wine, but since I didn’t have time to run to the store and buy one of the New Zealand sauvignon blancs we recommended, I instead went to our wine rack. There I found a 2011 Hedges C.M.S. White.

Why I like this wine: Because while sauvignon blanc is the dominant grape, it’s blended with chardonnay and marsanne (that’s what the C.M.S. means: Chardonnay, Marsanne and Sauvignon Blanc). So you still get the crisp, herbal sauvignon notes, but they’re rounded by the chardonnay and marsanne.

Here’s what Hedges Family Estates says about its CMS White:

A blended white wine with Sauvignon Blanc dominating over 75 percent of the wine, this was one of the original malic-acid friendly white wines released from Washington State. Rounding out the blend is a touch of chardonnay accompanied by just a pinch of Marsanne. Beautifully structured with wonderful Sauvignon Blanc fruit character, the mouth feel has a delicate balance of acid angularity and defined herbal sophistication.

This wine paired great with the gumbo. It’s available at the grocery store — or Costco, which is where I bought it. It retails around $14.