What we’re drinking: Mosquito Fleet Winery Cab

Brynn writes:

Call us lazy, but yes we’re talking about Mosquito Fleet Winery, again. That’s because we were impressed with what we got to sip — especially for the first release from a winemaker who was trying his hand at winemaking for the first time.

We’ve opted to review the fledgling winery’s cabernet sauvignon, which was sourced from the highly acclaimed Pepper Bridge Vineyards — located in Walla Walla.

As we said before, this cab is reminiscent of Pepper Bridge’s cab. It has a beautiful nose full of oak and spices. It’s also a wine with a lot of complexity, which made it fun to sample. We’d sip, let the flavors linger over our palates, try some of the cheese, bread, olives and chocolate covered cherries, and then sip again. With time (and exposure to air) the wine continued to evolve, opening up new flavors that we didn’t notice before.

We especially liked the wine paired with the chocolate covered cherries, largely because the tartness of the cherry softened the edges of the wine, which had a slight astringent quality — not uncommon for wines with a lot of tannins. Because this wine is still quite young — it was harvested in 2009 — it’s one that will definitely mellow with time spent in the cellar.

There were no flaws in this wine, all the elements and components are there, it just needs more time to age and open up.

Here’s winemaker Brian Petersen’s tasting notes:

Dark fruit, berry, vanilla and Carmel notes with balanced acidity and silky tannins on the finish.