What we’re drinking: Domaine de Pajot Les Quatres Cepages

This white table wine is made up of four grape varieties (les quatre cepages in French) grown in France’s Gascony region.

The wine includes two grape varietals we’ve talked about before: Sauvignon Blanc and Ugni-Blanc, and two we haven’t mentioned before: Colombard and Gros Manseng.

All four varietals are grown at the Domaine de Pajot, which is located on the hills overlooking Eauze, France, the capital of Armagnac. (Yes, as in the same Armagnac that you enjoy as an after dinner drink).

The wine we had was a 2009.

With 12 percent alcohol it is a little sweeter than some of the whites we normally drink, but the sweetness balanced well with the acidity of the four grape varietals — all of them are known for their fruit forward flavors — making this wine a great one to sip chilled on a sunny day. (Our tasting this wine was wishful thinking for summer.)

The wine would also pair nicely with a light fish dish with a lemon-based sauce, and did pretty well with our spinach salad with an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing.

This wine runs around $8.