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Police investigating East Bremerton business break-ins

Some of the break-ins have occurred on East 11th Street in Manette.
Some of the break-ins have occurred on East 11th Street in Manette.

A number of break-ins to businesses have been reported in East Bremerton in recent weeks. Bremerton Police Sgt. Rich Cronk told me that the burglaries remain under investigation and police are hoping to find the culprits.

The recent burglaries are:

Sunny Teriyaki, 1221 Wheaton Way: A window was broken out Oct. 15 and money was taken from a tip jar. Two cash registers were damaged.

Andy and Cindy’s Diner, 3561 Wheaton Way: Suspects got inside sometime between Oct. 16-17 and took a laptop, cash and a power cord.

State Farm, 1100 Wheaton Way: A window was broken out Oct. 26. Nothing was reported stolen.

Two Sisters Fine Jewelry, 1100 Wheaton Way: A window was broken out and jewelry was taken sometime before 9 a.m. Oct. 26.

Bicycle Works, 2109 E. 11th Street: A door was forced open and a bike was stolen. The burglary was reported the morning of Oct. 27.

If you have any information as to who is responsible, police encourage you to call 911.

Bremerton police blotter, Jan. 23-Feb. 1


Here’s a slice of what the police officers of Bremerton have been up to lately.

Stolen car, 2500 Fir Avenue: A woman reported that her car was stolen the morning of Jan. 23 after she’d started it to warm it up. The car is a Honda Accord. Police documented the theft but the report did not say whether they’d found the car yet.

Hospital outburst, 2500 Cherry Avenue: While an officer was working an unrelated detail at Harrison Medical Center Jan. 23, a patient in the emergency room “became violent” and began to fight with staff. The officer assisted the hospital staff in getting the man under control.

Vehicle prowl, 3200 Pine Road: A woman reported to police that her car alarm went off the morning of Jan. 23 and she went outside to investigate. She’d found a thief had cut into her car’s convertible top and gotten inside, taking some change, a “cheap” camera and an inexpensive pair of sunglasses. Police have no suspects.

Assault, 100 Bloomington: A man reported early Jan. 24 that he’d been punched in the face by a man he’d been letting stay at his place. He’d let the man stay there because he was “(hiding) from the police” but after the argument and assault, the guest had fled. Police are investigating.

Vehicle prowl, 4500 The Cedars: A man said that he witnessed someone get into his father’s SUV early Jan. 24, so he went to confront the apparent prowler. The prowler ran but the man was able to grab onto his backpack, pulling it off. The suspect got away but police took the backpack as evidence.

Break-in, 4800 Driftwood Street: A man allegedly forced his way into a woman’s apartment. He was not allowed to contact her by court order, but forced a door open. He demanded to use her phone but she would not let him. He was arrested and jailed.

Unhappy customer, 4200 Wheaton Way: Officers were called to a mobile phone store Jan. 28 for an unhappy customer, who was yelling at store employees. He was subsequently trespassed form the business.

Car found, 600 Broadway Avenue: An officer Jan. 28 spotted a a car stolen from a local auto dealership. The officer found a man inside, who was arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle.

Another car found, 1600 Wheaton Way: You may have seen the story we ran about the Port Orchard man arrested after a brief chase in a stolen car in Manette Jan. 30. Find the whole story here.

Assaultive shoplifter, 900 Callow Avenue: A man was arrested after twice stealing alcohol from Safeway. On the second time — the first wasn’t reported — police ran after him and caught him. He was in “severe mental distress” and fought officers, injuring one (the extent of injuries wasn’t disclosed in reports). The man was treated at Harrison Medical Center until fit to be booked into the jail.

Bar scuffle, 2900 Perry Avenue: A man was kicked out of a bar after causing a “disturbance” there, according to reports. Police were called just after midnight Jan. 31 to McClouds, where security staff explained an intoxicated man had taken a swing at a staff member. The man was taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs. He complained he was treated “roughly.” No arrests were made but the man was trespassed from the bar for 30 days.

Attempted liquor theft, 2900 Wheaton Way: A man trespassed from Albertson’s for stealing liquor attempted to do it again on Jan. 31, police said. He filled a shopping cart up with booze and, when noticed he was being watched, fled the store. Police caught up to him and he was jailed for burglary.

Squatters house, 100 South Wycoff: Officers searched a home at 113 S. Wycoff Jan. 31 after a door was reported swinging one. The house, categorized as abandoned, had sleeping bags and other evidence that it was not so abandoned after all. Officers sent their report to the community resource unit to followup with the home’s owner.

It only looked suspicious, North Wycoff at 19th Street: Officers were called Jan. 31 to a home where a man was doing yard work at almost 7 p.m. When police contacted him, he said he has permission to do yard work at the home. Police confirmed that with the home’s owner.

Burglary, 3500 11th Street: Officers went to Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation for a report of a burglary. A person had watched a man crawl inside a window. Sure enough, police found a suspect in the attic, where he’d been cutting up copper and other wiring. He even had a voltage tester to see if the wiring had electrical current, police said. He was arrested and jailed.

Stolen car found, 900 Washington Avenue: A woman reported that she was at a party Feb. 1 when she discovered her keys were gone. She went outside and her car was gone. Early on Feb. 2, the car was found near Evergreen-Rotary Park. It had been rummaged through but otherwise was fine, reports said.

Here’s a few nuggets from Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan’s weekly update:

“Officer Kent Mayfield handled a complex call last Saturday night. He observed a vehicle in the area of Naval Avenue and 11th Street with a blown-out tire. He followed the car as it traveled on the metal rim. Officer Mayfield stopped the car and could see it had substantial front-end damage. At about the same time, dispatch put out a call of a hit and run collision at 6th Street near Pennsylvania Avenue. Other officers got to that location, and spoke to the driver of a taxi who had been struck head-on, causing his airbags to deploy, before the suspect vehicle drove away at high speed. The driver described the suspect vehicle… surprise, surprise; it perfectly matched the car Officer Mayfield had stopped. The paint transfer between the cars even matched. The driver was arrested for DUI and Hit and Run. Great heads up work by Officer Mayfield!

Sunday afternoon Officer Spencer Berntsen and Sgt. Randy Olson were checking a neighborhood in East Bremerton on a report of a reckless driver. The vehicle was described as a white minivan that had been backed into a rock wall and possibly hit a fence. As they were checking, Sgt. Olson saw a white minivan driving by and turned around to follow it. The minivan was drifting over the shoulder and the centerline as Sgt. Olson prepared to stop it on a downhill grade, but before he could activate his lights the minivan drove onto the shoulder, over-corrected and went into the oncoming lane and back. It straightened out long enough to center-punch a smaller utility pole, when the airbag deployed and the pole was severely split. Luckily, the pole somehow remained upright and the wires attached. The driver tested a .24 alcohol content and went to jail while the power company replaced the pole.”

And finally, you can view the departments “High 5” list and “Filthy 3” by clicking here.

Bremerton police blotter: Jan. 4-16

We’ll begin this week’s Bremerton police blotter with a burglary suspect. The above video shows a man inside the building at 423 Pacific Avenue. As you may know, there have been a spate of burglaries in the downtown area in recent weeks. If you think you may know who this person is, Bremerton detectives ask you to call (360) 473-5228.

It looks like we are seeing an uptick in property crimes around the city. At Wednesday night’s City Council meeting, Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan gave the updated crime stats. There were seven incidents of shoplifting in December 2013, compared with 15 in December 2014, for instance. Vehicle prowls were up from 13 to 23 in the same period; car theft from 12 to 22. Strachan revealed the last stat was a countywide problem, mostly at health clubs, that is being investigated.

Strachan believes it is the work of a few at the cost of the many.

“A small number of people can do a whole lot of it,” he told the Council.

Here’s some crime reports filed with police in January that I think you should be aware of:

Car theft, 3800 Wheaton Way: An employee at a car dealership Jan. 4 said a man test driving an Infiniti I30 never returned to the lot with the car. Police had no suspects at the time of the initial report.

Discharging weapons, 3000 Halverson Avenue: Witnesses captured on camera Jan. 9 two people shooting a pellet rifles. Police investigated the shootings, finding a man and his son were shooting an air rifle. The man understood that it was against the law in Bremerton to discharge such weapons and told the officer he would inform his son, too.

Possible theft, 3000 Wheaton Way: A 911 caller reported a man breaking into vacuum cleaners at Shur Kleen Car Wash Jan. 10. When police arrived, the man there said someone else had gotten into the vacuum cleaner doors and that he was simply looking for change. Trash was strewn about the area. An officer told him to clean up the trash and leave. No arrests were made.

Bike theft, 1100 Naval Avenue: A man reported his bike stolen. He’d parked it in the yard of his home and it was gone by nighttime Jan. 10. He did not know the make, model or serial number. Police have no suspects.

Not the right guy, 6th and Warren: An officer thought he recognized a man at the bus stop near Bank of America who had a felony warrant for his arrest (date unknown). The officer approached and the man appeared elusive. The officer asked his first name and it was the same as the suspect. But once in handcuffs, the officer learned that the man had a different last name than the suspect. He was released. The officer showed him a mugshot of the suspect, to which the man replied, “Wow, we do look alike,” reports said.

Gas siphoning, 4800 Auto Center Way: A man reported Jan. 13 that someone picked a lock and was siphoning gas from a Franz bakery van. The suspect left the scene quickly in a Chevrolet pickup. About three gallons were taken. Police were unable to find the suspect.

Argument turns heated, 2700 Clare Avenue: Police were called Jan. 13 to Bremerton Health and Rehabilitation Center, where a woman’s wheelchair got tangled up with another woman’s walker as they were outside smoking. Threats were made but both ultimately calmed down and police determined their actions weren’t criminal.

Switched license plates, 10th and Roosevelt: An officer found an Oldsmobile Jan. 13 on Dill Way whose license plate belonged to a Honda. When he returned to the property to inquire about it with the car’s owner, the car was gone. Three days later, the cop found the Oldsmobile again, following it for some time around west Bremerton. The car’s driver hopped out at 10th and Roosevelt but the officer ultimately found him. The man said the plates were switched because he was “working on” the Honda for a friend. He had a straw and empty zip lock baggie in his pocket, and three driving-related warrants for his arrest (he has a suspended license). The officer asked why he was fleeing. He said he wasn’t but later admitted he was “frustrated over being stopped by the police,” reports said. He was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Here’s one from Chief Strachan’s weekly report of note:

Last week, Officer Kelly Meade helped get a resident off the Warren Avenue Bridge who was threatening suicide, and this week it was Officer Cory Ditmer who was sent to the Manette Bridge on a report from the family of a 17 year old girl who was distraught and said she was going to jump off the bridge.   Officer Ditmer arrived and asked the girl to stop, which she ignored and continued walking.  Officer Ditmer physically detained her for her safety.  It was learned she was distraught over a boyfriend.  She was taken to the hospital.

And finally, here’s the weekly High 5 and Filthy 3 list. Enjoy the week.

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Bremerton police blotter, Jan. 1-10

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.23.54 PM

Welcome to the first police blotter of 2015. One of my new year’s resolutions is to bring you the blotter each week, without fail. But enough about promises; here’s the latest on the Bremerton crime front.

Let’s start with some trends.

Lower Marine Drive: thieves have really been targeting the road lately. Since Dec. 4, eight vehicle prowls have been reported there, with three coming on one day (Dec. 14) alone. The latest one was Jan. 7.

Bremerton YMCA: In case you missed it, we reported this past week that three cars had been stolen from the fitness center since Dec. 15 (though all three vehicles were quickly found nearby) and a total of six cars had been prowled in that time. This does not appear unique to Bremerton, however, with thefts being reported from athletic facilities all over Kitsap County.

I’ve been hearing of some break-ins and thefts in the downtown area recently too, including a burglary of tools at the site of the Salvation Army expansion just before New Years Eve. I spoke with Bremerton Police Detective Crystal Gray about the case; she said it’s still under investigation. Anyone with information can call detectives at (360) 473-5228.

Here’s a few incidents to tell you about:

Vehicle prowling, 2500 Burwell Street: A man parked his van at the Burwell 76 station Dec. 26 and when he returned, he found his electrician tool bag gone from the van. It contained about $600 worth of tools. Police have no suspects.

Malicious mischief, 1300 Elizabeth Avenue: A woman reported Jan. 1 that someone had spray-painted “move it” on her vehicle. Police are still investigating.

Vehicle theft, 600 Washington Avenue: A man reported that his wife’s car, a Nissan Sentra, was stolen around 2 p.m. Jan. 2. The woman had only gone inside a nearby residence for 10 minutes when it was taken. Police are still investigating.

Theft from residence, 1700 Sixth Street: Police said a Tacoma man staying at a residence on the block may have taken $400 in change, some small electronics and 20 grams of medical marijuana from the home’s other residents on Jan. 1. Some neighbors said the man had tried to sell them pot after the theft. Police are still investigating the case.

Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan described this fraud case in his recent weekly update:

This week, Officer Jacob Switzer had been following up on a complex case started by Officer Chris Faidley.  The suspect in this investigation had stolen a debit card from the victim, who is a resident of a convalescent center.  The guy had depleted much of her savings with over thirty transactions totaling just over $3400 in a period of three weeks.   Officer Faidley had been able to identify the suspect from surveillance photos.  We did not have a current address for the suspect, but Officer Switzer began checking social media and determined the suspect is connected to a local organization.  He went to the location and found the suspect.  An interview was conducted and the man was booked into jail for Theft and Possession of Stolen Property.  Officer Switzer also got enough information to charge the man on a fraud case handled by the Sheriff’s Office in which the victim is the man’s girlfriend.  Not sure who is going to visit this guy in jail…

And finally, here’s the police department’s “High 5” list of wanted criminals and “Filthy 3” for houses. Have a good week.

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Bremerton police blotter, Oct. 18-31

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.38.51 PM

A Bremerton cop who reluctantly accepted a “believe in miracles” plaque on the beat hung it up in the squad room as an “attempt to foster a sense of encouragement to my fellow officers.” All that and more in this week’s edition of the Bremerton police blotter.

Here’s my report from the line-up board at department headquarters:

Welfare check, 1100 16th Street: Police were called the night of Oct. 22 to Olympic College to check up on an allegedly intoxicated male. They found a man who was “carrying bandages and had all sorts of monitor connections on his chest and stomach.” The man evidently had just gotten out of the hospital and was concerned about someone who he said had just crashed a car in a ditch. Police offered the man a ride back to the hospital. He agreed.

Theft and a warrant, 2900 Wheaton Way: Police went to the Midway Inn the night of Oct. 22, where a man said he had about $5,000 in cash stolen out of the Inn’s computer room. He said he had all the money because he was moving to Reno, where a job was waiting for him. Police reviewed the surveillance at the hotel but it proved inconclusive. However, the man had an arrest warrant for assault in Bremerton Municipal Court and so he was taken to the Kitsap County jail. Police have no other leads as to what might have happened to his cash.

Vehicle prowling, 100 Lilac Lane: A woman reported that a man was inside her car on Lilac Lane just before 5 a.m. Oct. 23. Police converged on the area to only find one man, who was “acting nervous,” was “panting heavily” and had soaked shoes, pants and coat. The man initially gave police a false name but came clean about it eventually. He had a felony warrant for probation violation. He said he was prowling to help feed his wife, and that the pair live below the Madrona Inn in a tent by the highway. She came up to take possession of his stuff and he was taken to the Kitsap County jail.

DUI, Wheaton Way at Sheridan Road: An officer stopped a woman driving for malfunctioning brake lights early Oct. 24. The officer smelled intoxicants coming from her person. She was found to have a .15 blood-alcohol level. An open container of beer was found inside her car. She was taken to the Kitsap County jail.

Welfare check: Police were called the night of Oct. 24 to check on elderly woman who’d been inside the Bremerton ferry terminal for about eight hours. The woman also had a bag full of Christmas presents with her. The woman seemed confused to police but said she lives in a home where there’s construction going on. She was friendly but seemed to have no one to pick her up. So the officer gave her a ride home. For the gesture, the woman insisted on giving the officer a gift. Despite the officer’s efforts to refuse, he relented and took the gift, which was a plaque that reads “Believe in Miracles.” “I hung it in the line-up room in an attempt to foster a sense of encouragement to my fellow officers,” the cop wrote in his report.

Burglary, 100 South Summit: Officers were called the night of Oct. 24 for a burglary at someone’s attached garage. A thief or thieves broke in through a sliding door and took a table saw and some tools. Police have no suspects.

Hit and run, 11th Street at North Callow Avenue: A man told police early Oct. 25 that he’d been driving on 11th Street headed east when a car came through the red light on Callow and struck his vehicle. The damage included a broken axle on the truck. A headlight of the car that hit the truck fell off at the scene. Police searched the area for the car but could not find it.

Criminal trespassing, 4300 Wheaton Way: Police ultimately found six people inside the Old Lowes building, near Wheaton Way at Riddell Road, late Oct. 25. Some of the suspects claimed they were bored and it was during a power outage, so they went with a friend who had a key to the building. Only after officers surrounded the building and then went inside did the six come out. They were all taken to the Kitsap County jail for trespassing.

Road rage, 3400 Kitsap Way: A road rage incident nearly turned violent the afternoon of Oct. 28 in the parking lot of Papa Murphy’s. Two cars were headed east on Kitsap Way, with one, driven by the suspect, swerving toward the alleged victim’s, who then flipped the suspect the bird. The alleged victim heard a “thud” on his car and then called 911. While the alleged victim waited in the parking lot of Papa Murphy’s, the suspect came to the lot, pulled a baseball bat and allegedly threatened the other driver. Then the suspect left. Witnesses confirmed the threats and the bat. Police drove to the suspect’s nearby home and arrested him. He was taken to the Kitsap County jail.

Vehicle prowling, 600 Fourth Street: A man reported that his truck was broken into Oct. 28 while parked in the SEEFlim Theater parking lot. The man, who worked from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m., came out to find what he thought was his locked truck unlocked and numerous items missing, including two cell phones. Police have no suspects.

DUI, 2900 Wheaton Way: Police stopped a driver on the road for speeding shortly before 2 a.m. Oct. 31. The driver had a strong smell of alcohol coming from her, officers said. She blew a .14 blood-alcohol level, almost twice the legal limit. She said she’d consumed three beers; officers were skeptical but she said they were “strong beers. 2/11s.” She was booked into the Kitsap County Jail.

Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan’s weekly update included a few incidents worth noting as well:

This Would Have Done George Costanza Proud:  We received information that a suspect in a serious felony was at an address in West Bremerton.  He had five (5!) misdemeanor warrants and a felony arrest warrant for Rape of a Child.  Officers surrounded the residence and knocked at the front door.  The man opened the back window and began his exit when he was confronted by Officer Brandon Greenhill.   The man then ran to the front door and almost knocked over a pregnant woman trying to get out.  Officer John Bogen deployed his Taser at the man while he was at the front door, and he made his first good decision of the day, giving up and being taken into custody.  He went to jail.

Dave’s Not Here Man…:  We have been looking for a man wanted on a Burglary warrant all week, and Officer Jordan Ejde went to an address seeking this ne’er-do-well.  We had information the man had been living at an empty house outside of our city.  While being assisted by Officer Jacob Switzer, Jordan observed a bike leaned up against a shed.  The officer knocked on the shed and heard a male’s voice inside.  The officer said he was “Greg” and “had his $20 bucks.”  The suspect opened the door and was taken into custody.   The man has 233 contacts and 29 separate booking photos. He is in jail thanks to some good police work, and another strong message sent by our department.

Also, this week Officer Chris Faidley located a car that had crashed into the steps of the Synagogue at 11th St and Veneta Ave.  The driver had suffered a seizure while driving, and fortunately had only minor injuries.  The damage to the building was also minor, but the man’s vintage 1966 Mustang did not fare so well.

Strachan also has info about a new scam:

We sent out a message on our Twitter account this week about a scam being perpetrated nationwide, in which people receive calls from someone saying they are with the IRS, and demanding payment for back taxes owed.  We have reports of several people in our city receiving this call, and unfortunately one man sent $16,000 to the scammers.  It is infuriating to think that someone lost that much of their hard-earned money to these criminals.  Here is more information on the scam:

And finally, the High 5 criminal list is out:

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.44.05 PM

Bremerton police blotter, Aug. 22-26

Here’s your weekly look at the Bremerton police calls: 

Theft from pay boxes, Burwell Street and Washington Avenue: Police were called Aug. 22 for a man picking pay boxes downtown. Officers found the man and discovered he had forceps and $14 in his pocket. Witnesses confirmed the man was the suspect. He was taken to jail.

Driving under the influence, Riddell Road at Wheaton Way: An officer watched Aug. 22 as a man sped down Wheaton Way going 52 in a 30 mph zone. The officer felt the man was intoxicated, with watery, droopy and bloodshot eyes. The man did field sobriety tests and ultimately blew a .10 blood alcohol level, above the .08 legal limit. He told the officer he could “beat” the charge as he had with a ticket and a “DV” in the past. He was jailed.

Possession of heroin, 2900 Perry Avenue: Officers Aug. 22 found that a woman wanted for heroin possession had gone into a bar’s bathroom. When she came out, she said she had “one point” of heroin on her currently. In the car outside she was riding in, officers found heroin and meth paraphernalia. She was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Meth possession, 1500 Shorewood Drive: Police were called for a man running through yards “acting as if someone is chasing him,” on Aug. 22. When they caught up to the man he was moving continuously, sweating profusely, was paranoid and had trouble carrying on a conversation. Officers suspected he was high on meth. Since he’d trespassed in someone’s yard, he was arrested. Officers found meth in his pocket. He was jailed.

Driving under the influence, 1500 Warren Avenue: Officers Aug. 23 stopped a driver for going 51 mph in a 30 mph zone. Officers felt she had been drinking and following field sobriety tests she blew a .12. She was taken to jail.

Driving under the influence, Veneta Avenue at 11th Street: A driver apparently hit a tree in the area Aug. 24. When police arrived, they noted the driver had an opened can of beer on the passenger side floorboard. He denied drinking it. He appeared very nervous and was “very fidgety” police said. Officers said he blew a .09 blood alcohol level. He was jailed.

Egging, 1700 Marine Drive: A man reported Aug. 24 his truck was egged sometime overnight. Police have no suspects.

Burglary, 1500 Snyder Avenue: A man reported Aug. 24 that sometime between Aug. 20 and the 24th his home had been burglarized and the thieves took power tools, clothes and fishing gear. It appeared the suspect or suspects came in through a window. He mentioned he’d been gone from the house, as had his wife, who was giving birth at the hospital. Police are investigating.

Assault, 600 Callow Avenue: A bartender reported she was hit in the face Aug. 24 by a girlfriend of a man who was bringing his own liquor into the bar. Police could not locate the suspect.

Burglary, 5100 Auto Center Way: A store manager called police Aug. 25 to say a back closet containing cleaning supplies had been broken into sometime overnight. The manager suspected someone in a nearby homeless camp as a possible suspect. Police have no leads.

Vandalism, 400 Chester Avenue: A woman reported to police Aug. 25 that her car’s rear passenger side window was broken out. Police have no suspects.

Found credit cards, 2000 15th Street: A woman weeding her flower garden found a stack of credit and debit cards and a drivers license belonging to a Silverdale woman Aug. 25. Police were able to contact the Silverdale woman, and get her stuff back to her. She said her purse had been stolen in early July from a tanning salon.

Homeless camp, 4300 Wheaton Way: An officer Aug. 25 went exploring behind the building that once housed Lowes in Bremerton, discovering a broken lock on a fenced gate that led to two “transient camps.” Two women were found camping and the officer warned them they’d soon be trespassed. Couches, stoves, beds, chairs, carpet and other items were found and the officer concluded people had been staying in that area “for months.” A report was forwarded to the city’s code enforcement officer and community resource specialist.

Trespassing, 10th Street and Park Avenue: An officer late Aug. 25 found a man lying on a mattress in Puget Sound Energy’s property there. He had been trespassed four times before and was taken to the jail this time.

Theft of license plate, 2000 Nipsic Avenue: A man who returned home from vacation Aug. 25 noticed his rear license plate had been removed and replaced with another. Police are still investigating.

Possession of a stolen vehicle, Burwell Street and Montgomery Avenue: An officer spotted a car that had been reported stolen Aug. 26. He stopped it and the woman driving was arrested for possessing the stolen car, though she said she had permission. A woman riding in the car also had a warrant for her arrest for DUI and drug possession. The two were taken to jail. Two men also riding in the car were released.

Fraud, 4000 Wheaton Way: Moneytree employees reported that a woman Aug. 26 had just tried to cash a check issued by a local company. A Moneytree employee called the company to verify they’d issued the check, but a company representative was adamant they did not. When the suspect and a companion in the Moneytree overheard the Moneytree employee say she would call police, the pair fled. The suspect apparently then called the company and apologized, saying if she didn’t try to cash the fraudulent check “she’d be shot.” Moments later, police got word that a woman parked in Fred Meyer, who worked at the company, had her car prowled. The car was unlocked and the thieves took a briefcase filled with documents related to the company inside as well as company checks. Police are still looking for the suspect.

Bremerton police blotter, July 2-8


Here’s your weekly police blotter.

Burglary, 4500 Auto Center Way: A man reported July 3 that his storage unit had been broken into, and a welder, gaming machine and lock box were missing. Police have no suspects.

Illegal camping, E. 11th Street at Trenton Avenue: Officers were called July 5 to a forested trail where a tent was found. The tent was locked but there were two suitcases nearby. Officers took them for safekeeping. The woman who owned them soon called police. She said she’d been camping there for two weeks with no problem. Officers told her she’s not allowed to camp on any public property.

Theft of liquor, 2900 Perry Avenue: A man took a bottle of vodka from Red Apple July 5; by police got there the suspect was gone.

Church burglary, 1700 Trenton Avenue: Officers were called to the New Testament Christian Church for a burglary July 5. They found a skylight had been broken to gain entry but nothing else appeared to have been taken. Police have no suspects; the investigation continues.

Warrant suspect runs, 200 Elm Street: An officer July 7 observed a man with three misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. The man ran when the officer spotted him. Police combed the area, finding him in Stephenson Canyon park. Officers told him to come out, with one saying he’d use his Taser to “(light him up) like a Christmas tree.” The man came out. He was “very compliant” after that. He was taken to the jail.

Marina trespassing, 200 First Street: Police learned a man was using the private bathrooms for boaters at the Bremerton Marina July 7. They found the man taking a shower. He said he was getting ready for drug court. He was told not to return and signed a trespass notification.

Lewd conduct, 1000 Kitsap Lake Road: Officers were called July 7 for a man lying nude on the railroad tracks. Police arrived to find him in that state of undress while engaged in sexual activity with himself. Officers told him to put on clothes and, after finding he was wanted for a probation violation, took him to jail. A bag with him was found to contain methamphetamine and related paraphernalia.

Keep the peace, 1100 Naval Avenue: An officer accompanied a woman to her ex-boyfriend’s house July 7, where she said he was keeping a “bucket” of her clothes. The man wouldn’t let them in the house. The officer then told the man he was now investigating the case as a theft. The man then let them in. The clothes weren’t discovered, but a warrant for his arrest for theft was. He was taken to the Kitsap County jail.

Theft of a truck, 6500 Kitsap Way: Officers got a call from a tree service company July 7 for a report of a stolen truck. The company has its fleet tracked with GPS and noticed one truck began moving without authorization. The truck stopped on the 5800 block of Werner Avenue. The fuel pipe had been cut and gas was taken; chain saws, vehicle batteries, strobe lights and other items were also taken. The suspect had evidently found a secret key to gain access. Police have no suspects.

Missing boy, 3100 15th Street: Police were called July 7 for a report of a missing 4-year-old boy. Officers searched the area, finding the boy in a camper. The boy said he was playing hide and seek.

Stolen iPhone, 1200 Park Avenue: A businessman reported July 8 that his iPhone was stolen while he was working. He suspected a woman that had come into use a (different) phone. Police found that woman at Evergreen-Rotary Park but she denied taking the phone. No arrests have been made in the case. The phone was deactivated.

Refusing to leave, 1500 Fifth Street: Police were called July 8 for a report of a vehicle prowl. They found a man a witness said had indeed gotten into a car on the street. The car’s owner found nothing missing. But the man walked up the steps to a nearby home, whose residents said they didn’t know him or want him at their house. Police told him to leave, and even offered him a ride to Port Orchard. He wouldn’t leave. So police still gave him a ride to Port Orchard — in the back of a patrol car to jail, for trespassing.

Bremerton police blotter, June 25-July 1


Why was he speeding? “His boot got caught under the gas pedal,” he told police. All that and more in this week’s Bremerton Police blotter.

Trashing a hotel, 4300 Kitsap Way: Officers were called June 25 to the Quality Inn for a report of a woman being in the hotel that has previously been banned for trashing a room. Police went to the room and sure enough, it had been trashed. The woman, found by police to have possessed a glass pipe, was taken to the Kitsap County Jail for malicious mischief, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal trespassing.

Biking with a mailbox, 15th Street and Naval Avenue: An officer June 25 spotted a man biking while holding a “curb side mailbox.” The man said he’d found it and officers couldn’t find any names or addresses on it. He was let go.

Stolen car, 2700 Maple Street: A man reported to police June 25 that his Honda CRX was stolen sometime overnight. Police have no suspects.

Spitting on an officer, Callahan Drive at 16th Street: Police were called June 26 for the report of a man on the Warren Avenue Bridge with his pants down. Officers arrived to find a man matching the suspect’s description and noted he was the same guy that had warrants for his arrest for assault, harassment and theft. The officer took him into custody and began transporting him to jail, but the suspect got angry in the back of the patrol car en route, hitting his head on the partition between the front and back seats. The officer stopped to tighten his restraints and the suspect spit in the officer’s face and eyes. More officers showed up to put a “spit hood” on his head. He was jailed.

Stolen car, 3800 Wheaton Way: Officers were called to Affordable Used Cars June 27 for a report of a stolen car. Employees at the business said a spare key was in the vehicle and that they didn’t notice it was gone because they were busy. The car, a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, looks “like a police car,” officers were told. Police are still investigating.

Stolen wings, 2900 Wheaton Way: A loss prevention officer June 27 watched as a man walked out of Albertsons with a package of chicken wings. Police were called. The loss prevention officer told police she’d gone outside to confront the suspect who stated “what” before driving away. Police continue to investigate.

Vandalism, 3200 Spruce Avenue: Several windows were broken out by rocks and vulgar graffiti written on View Ridge Elementary School June 27. Damage was estimated to be $1,000. Police have no suspects.

Stolen car, 800 10th Street: A man reported June 27 that his Hyundai Tiburon was stolen from an alley near his residence. It has a “high end” stereo and a large luggage rack on top, he told police. He had the keys and hadn’t given anyone permission to take the car, officers said. The investigation continues.

Warrant suspect resists arrest, 200 South Oyster Bay: An officer went to a home June 28 where he ultimately found a suspect wanted for a drug warrant. The woman she was visiting from Arizona but the officer realized he’d seen her before. When the officer realized she had a warrant for her arrest while checking his in-car computer, she ran away saying, “I’m not going to jail!” The officer chased her as she ran away and finally hid in a stranger’s shed. Police found her there and she continued to struggle with them but she was eventually cuffed and taken to jail. The officer asked why she lied; she said she knew she had a warrant.

Assault, 700 12th Street: Witnesses reported June 29 that a woman had been assaulted the day before by her boyfriend, who’d allegedly hit her several times with an electrical cord. She was also slapped and punched, police wrote in reports. The woman had fled from the boyfriend and police found him a short time later and arrested him.

Vehicle in a ditch, Kitsap Way at Lyle Avenue: An officer June 29 found a motorist “nosed” into a ditch. The driver said he was “being stupid” and had tried to “four wheel” it across a property. A tow truck pulled the car out of the ditch. The officer “made it clear” to the man not to come back to the property.

Yelling man, 1700 Bayview Drive West: Officers went there June 29 after a man had yelled at a neighbor for doing some weed whacking. The man had jumped the neighbor’s fence to yell at her. The officer went to talk to the man, who said he “works really hard” and had earned relaxation free from weed whacking noise. “I suggested he close his windows or get some hearing protection,” the officer said, noting to the man he’d arrest him if he went back onto the woman’s property.

Violation of an order, 4000 Bledsoe Avenue: Officers were looking for a warrant suspect June 29 and got a call he might be on Bledsoe. Officers went to the home and knocked on the door. No one came to the door. Police announced they would be using a ram to force it open. They tried but the man came to the door and surrendered. He had five warrants for his arrest and was with a person he’s prohibited from being around. He was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Car prowling, 1200 Pointdexter Avenue: A woman reported to police June 30 that her car was broken into in her driveway. Police noted no forced entry and the owner said it had been locked. Keys, three beers and a phone charger were taken out of the car. It’s the second time in a month keys have been stolen out of the vehicle, police noted. The investigation continues.

Man barely breathing, 2400 East Phinney Bay Drive: Police were called July 1 to a home where a man was barely breathing and not responsive. He was taken to Harrison Medical Center. A witness said the victim uses heroin, meth and other drugs and the condition maybe drug induced. There was no followup on the man’s condition.

Reckless driving, 1000 Fourth Street: An officer observed a motorist July 1 rev the engine of his car at a stop sign and then take off westbound, through the medians at Warren Avenue. The car was going over 60 mph when the officer caught up to it near Veneta Avenue. The driver said “his boot got caught under the gas pedal,” and that’s why his tires spun out. The officer didn’t buy it, and forwarded a report to the city attorney’s office recommending a charge of reckless driving. The officer stopped the driver again after the first traffic stop, finding the car had expired registration. The driver told the officer he felt like he was being harassed.

Smoking marijuana, 300 Shore Drive: An officer patrolling July 1 noticed a man sitting at a picnic table at Shore Drive’s “mini park” at East 9th Street and smelled marijuana. The officer asked for the name of the man, who had head phones on. The man eventually gave it to the officer and asked if he was free to go. The officer said no and found a “suspected marijuana flake” on the picnic table where the man had been sitting. The officer arrested the man, who was 19, for minor in possession of marijuana (state law says you must be 21 to possess marijuana). He was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Bremerton police blotter, June 10-15

Bremerton police patch.
Bremerton police patch.

“Tweeker stuff.” A witness declined to talk to police about a theft case because, in her words, she did not want to get involved in said “tweeker stuff.” That incident, and the rest of your weekly police blotter, is below.

Theft of money, 1700 Fourth Street: A man reported to police June 10 that his “money box” containing about $1,200, was taken by someone he thought was a friend. A neighbor said she’d actually seen a man emerge from the victim’s home concealing a box-shaped item. Police caught up to the “friend” and other acquaintances on Burwell Street. Inside a sock worn by the “friend” was all of the money. It was given back to the victim and the “friend” was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Union issue, 2500 Cherry Avenue: Police were called June 10 to Harrison Medical Center for two women refusing to leave the cafeteria. Police learned that the women came there often on union business but had not alerted the hospital administration of a union meeting, which is apparently required. Police asked that the women leave and they did.

Unlawful bus conduct, 1500 13th Street: Police were called June 10 to a Kitsap Transit bus with an unruly passenger. The man appeared drunk and was being loud and obnoxious, even threatening other passengers with assault, police said. He told police he’d just had a death in the family. Police said his behavior was erratic. He was taken to Harrison Medical Center — where he’d just been trespassed from for stealing food earlier in the day — for treatment of a foot wound, and then booked into jail.

Dumpster diving, 4200 Wheaton Way: Police saw a man going through a dumpster behind Goodwill June 10. He said he was “scrounging.” Police confirmed he didn’t have permission; but he said no one had told him he couldn’t “dumpster dive.” The officer told him he needed to move along. The man did, but argued he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Resisting arrest, 3200 Wright Avenue: Police went to an address on the avenue June 11 looking for a man wanted by Mason County authorities for missing a court date in a felony case. When they found the man, he made a run for it, jumping a fence right into blackberry bushes. Officers followed. He fought his arrest and was “screaming insults” that police had it in for him because he’d been acquitted of a murder. Police were unfamiliar with the case. The man, as well as the officers, were scratched up and bruised from attempting to get the man into custody. He was taken to Harrison Medical Center before he was transported to jail.

Theft, 200 First Street: Police were told that a man had just stolen an iPad from her and was now on the Bremerton ferry to Seattle June 11. Police held the boat and located the suspect on the boat. He had the iPad with him. Officers learned the suspect is a drug addict and believed he’d taken it from a recovering drug addict who’d allowed the suspect to stay with her. The suspect told police a story about how he thought it was someone else’s iPad. A third person, who’d driven the two from Sequim to Bremerton, told police she did not want to get involved with what she called “tweeker stuff.” The man was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Theft of a bicycle, 1400 Park Avenue: A man reported his BMX bike was stolen while he was in CJ’s General Store at Evergreen-Rotary Park June 12. Police have no suspects.

Burglary, 6000 Harlow Drive: A woman reported that she’d come home June 12 to find her bathroom window forced open and her jewelry box missing from her bedroom. Police are still investigating the break in.

Hit and run, 3800 Kitsap Way: Officers June 12 were called to the scene were a motorist had struck a pedestrian near a gas station. The driver reportedly fled the scene. A woman suffered multiple abrasions after being struck by a car in her left leg and being thrown onto the car’s hood. She said the driver, who was on his cell phone, stopped but then drove off. Police got the license plate and found the driver, who said he’d gotten scared of being assaulted by the woman’s boyfriend, who’d started yelling at him following the collision. Police sent a report to t a report to the Bremerton City Attorney’s Office for possible charging.

Burglary, 1000 Callahan Drive: A woman reported waking up June 12 to find a strange man in her home. She screamed and he ran out of the house. She told officers he hadn’t taken anything of value. The suspect evidentially left his shoes behind, as well as a credit card with a name that might be associated with the suspect, police said. Officers continue to investigate the case.

Found with drugs, 300 West Street: Bremerton police were called into the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to assist with a case June 12. Authorities there said a couple were “acting suspiciously” inside a Naval store, and may have been shoplifting. When they were searched, officers found drug paraphernalia and a few grams of meth and heroin. They were taken to jail.

Burglary, 4300 Kitsap Way: A woman called to say the garage where she lives, modified to be a residence, was broken into June 12. A blu-ray player, laptop and DVDs were taken. Police are investigating.

Shoplifting, 4100 Kitsap Way: A woman at Rite Aid allegedly put a bottle of vodka in her purse June 13 and took it to the bathroom, where store security could hear her trying to remove the bottle’s security device. The woman admitted to stealing the liquor and said it was because her friend was throwing a party. She was released by police but a report of the case was sent to the Bremerton City Attorney’s Office for charging.

Shoplifting, 300 Callow Avenue: A store owner said four men came into her store June 13 and took a video game by removing the disc from the box it came in. The store is reviewing security footage as police continue their investigation.

Threats with a stick, 900 Callow Avenue: Police were called to Safeway June 13 for a man who was waving around a large stick and threatening shoppers — including ones with children — in the parking lot. He was found a 7-Eleven and taken to the Kitsap County Jail. He’s also been trespassed from Safeway.

Driving while intoxicated, 1700 Sheridan Road: An officer stopped a car June 14 for going 37 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver had watery and bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol, police said. She took field sobriety tests and blew a .10 blood alcohol level, more than the state’s .08 legal limit for driving. She was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Car theft, 4900 Auto Center Way: A woman reported her car stolen from her residence June 15. Police got the description and quickly found the car, and its driver, on the 2000 block of Sixth Street. The driver said he had permission and that he and the owner had spent the night together; the owner begged to differ, saying she’d given the man a ride a few times but that she had a boyfriend and he was at her residence. The driver was taken to jail on suspicion of stealing the car. When he was informed bail was set at $25,000, “he laughed and said he would be home before me.”

Domestic assault, 500 South Constitution Avenue: Police responded to a residence June 15 where a woman had allegedly been punched by her mother-in-law. Officers found that things had been “brewing” inside the house for sometime and when the suspect mother-in-law was found smoking — forbidden under house rules due to children living there — an argument ensued. A punch was thrown by the mother in law, causing redness on the alleged victim’s cheek. The alleged victim may have had a game counsel in her hand during the fight but police do not think she used it as a weapon. The mother-in-law was taken to jail.

The police blotter is compiled from the reports of the Bremerton Police Department. 


Bremerton police blotter, June 4-9

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.42.51 AM
Bremerton Police Lt. Pete Fisher talks to a woman on 19th Street.

Several establishments that sell alcohol got busted in Bremerton recently, after allegedly selling liquor to minors. Those incidents and more are in this week’s Bremerton police blotter. Here’s the full scoop:

Domestic assault, 1900 Naval Avenue: A man apparently assaulted his girlfriend June 5 after an argument. She did not want to cooperate with police. The man, located later, would not talk to the police about the incident. Witnesses who knew the couple were concerned about his violence. He was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Found license, 100 Washington Avenue: Kids on skateboards found a man’s driver’s license June 5. Police took it for safekeeping.

Theft of bike, 600 Washington Avenue: A man reported that an unknown suspect had cut his bike lock, taking his $1,600 bike June 5. Police have no suspects.

Stolen lanterns, 600 Washington Avenue: A woman told police that she’d watched on her home surveillance system a man come into her yard and steal two small lanterns, valued at about $25, June 5. Police have no suspects.

Theft of bicycle, 100 Washington Avenue: A man’s mountain bike was stolen from the bike racks at the lower level of the ferry terminal June 6. It had been locked. Police have no suspects.

Shoplifting, 4200 Wheaton Way: A woman reported to police that three women came into a beauty supply business June 6 and, while one woman talked to staff, the other two stole about $100 in beauty products. The store has video of the incident. Police are still investigating.

Scam, 4100 Westview Drive: A man called police June 6 to say he and his wife had received a call from someone claiming to be his grandson, and that his grandson needed money because he was stuck in the Dominican Republic. The couple was set to send almost $10,000 when their bank manager said it was strange and convinced them not to. Police confirmed it was a scam.

Liquor violation, 3500 Wheaton Way: An officer working with the liquor control board went into 7-Eleven with an 18-year-old in an attempt to buy alcohol June 6. The 18-year-old was successful in purchasing a Bud Light. The officer identified himself and the clerk said it was “really busy” in the store as rationale for not checking her ID. Police sent information to the liquor board and recommended charges to the Bremerton prosecutor for selling liquor to minors.

Liquor violation, 2100 Sixth Street: Another officer working with an undercover minor to do compliance checks June 6 on area businesses found that the Arco gas station at 6th and Naval sold a 4 Loko to a 19-year-old. The liquor board was informed and charges are pending.

Liquor violation, 3700 Kitsap Way: Another liquor compliance check June 6 found that the R&H Mart sold six pack of Corona to a 19-year-old. The liquor board was informed and charges are pending.

Vehicle prowling, 300 Callow Avenue: A man said that his car was rummaged through while he was at work at an adult entertainment store June 6. Taken from his car were his Vicodin pills. Police have no suspects.

Theft of cards, 900 Pearl Street: A woman reported that she’d left her wallet in a residence June 6, only to return and find several credit and debit cards taken out of the wallet. Police are investigating.

Building code violation, 700 Wallin Street: An officer June 6 had noticed for months there have been people living in a travel trailer, which is illegal under city code. He went by and found people were paying rent to stay in the trailer and that the owner was nearby. The owner was told monetary fines could be levied if people were living in the trailer longer than 30 days.

Shoplifting, 4900 Kitsap Way: Officers were called to WinCo Foods, where a woman was found to have stolen $43 worth of products June 7. She also had prescription drugs in her purse she wasn’t authorized to have. She was taken to jail.

Assault, 4600 Bay Vista Boulevard: Police said a woman who was paying off a $40 drug debt in a field was attacked by those she owed June 7; she was beaten. Police are still investigating for charges.

Drunken stupor, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Bremerton medics requested help for an unruly subject June 7. The suspect, who’d fallen and hit his head, which summoned medics, was now being held down by those medics, police said. Apparently the suspect was in a “drunken stupor” and had passed out, but was then alarmed by medics’ presence when they were treating him. He came out of the stupor “swinging.” No arrests were made.

Probation violation, 4200 Wheaton Way: An officer June 7 spotted a man behind Goodwill that “immediately started walking away.” The officer caught up to him behind a dumpster where the man said he’d been “peeing.” The man had a warrant for probation violation. He was taken to jail.

Scam, 4200 Wheaton Way: A woman told police June 7 that she’d gotten a text from someone she thought was a friend, who told her she’d won $100,000 through a Facebook contest. All she had to do was friend a person on Facebook and send an initial payment of $3,500 and the money would be hers. It was a scam. Police called the number where the text came from and the male voice requested more money from the woman. When the officer identified himself, the caller said “gibberish” and promptly hung up. The officer told her not to give out money or personal information to strangers in the future. Detectives are investigating.

Fight, 200 Fifth Street: Two residents got into a fight June 7 after one suggested the other had stolen a cable box. Police determined one of the men had “puffed up” and wanted to fight, and that man went to jail.

Meth in car, 4000 Wheaton Way: Police saw a “fidgety” driver at an intersection which piqued an officer’s interest June 8. He looked up the car in the state database and found the driver was wanted for probation violation. By the time the officer found out, the car had driven out of sight but the officer did find it in a Wheaton Way parking lot. Police could see inside the car was a crystal resembling meth. They got a search warrant, served it and found the substance was meth. The owner of the car had not been arrested yet, according to the report.

Assault with metal, 900 Sheridan Road: Police were called to the area June 8 for a bloodied man, who said he’d been assaulted with a piece of metal. He required aid from Bremerton medics. Police found out the name of the suspect, went to his house, and he was taken to the Kitsap County Jail. The suspect denied involvement.

Driving while high, Warren Avenue Bridge: A sergeant stopped an 18-year-old man who was driving across the bridge going about 50 mph in the 35 mph zone June 8. The sergeant suspected the man was high. He admitted to drinking two beers and smoking a “blunt” earlier in the night. Police took vials of his blood to test and then let him go. Police recommended the city prosecutor charge him with DUI, possession of marijuana, MIP, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Domestic assault, 3400 Spruce Avenue: Officers were called June 8 for an assault in which a man hit a woman he’s prohibited by law from contacting. She had a bruise on the right side of her face. There is probable cause to arrest the man involved but police hadn’t found him yet, according to the report.

Vehicle prowling, 4200 Wheaton Way: A woman’s cell phone was stolen out of her car June 9 while she was in a thrift shop. Police had no suspects at the time of the report.

Domestic incident, 600 Montgomery Avenue: A man and a woman got into a tussle June 9, while both were grabbing for a cell phone to use. The woman said she was hit and had her hair pulled. The man denied doing that. He went to the Kitsap County Jail.

Domestic incident, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue: Two women housemates got into a fight over potato chips June 9. One of the women accused the other of stealing the chips and then threw the chips in her face. She was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.