2 thoughts on “WATCH: Storm tips with Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent

  1. I appreciate the storm awareness you work so hard at getting to the community. Thank you for the knowledge you share with us. However, as I sit here tring to put together a grocery list of meals that can be prepared with the loss of power…I could use some help. My suggestion is a list compiled of low budget meals a family can use in such cases of the upcoming possible historic storm.
    I brlieve this would really help out many family’s, myself included, weather the storm.

  2. Ms. Lent, with all due respect, may I ask why the banner over Pacific Avenue between 5th and 4th Avenues wasn’t removed prior to the storm? This banner advertized an event that was over on Sept. 24th. The banner is now wrapped around and entangled in the power lines. Had this really been a serious storm, that could have caused an equally serious situation.

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