Beat blast: A country legend performs, a secret garden grows and opossums!

Friday night, you have a chance to see a legend in his element. Manette resident Patrick Haggerty, who released country music’s first gay album in 1973, will perform at Fingers Duke (523 Fourth Street) as part of art walk (5-8 p.m.). He’ll be there to support friend and fellow artist Pat Moriarty, whose works will be on display. Two other bands will also perform.

Even if you can’t go, you don’t want to miss Haggerty perform the title song “Lavender Country” on this week’s Beat Blast.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.59.25 PM
Meegan M. Reid photo/Kitsap Sun

That’s not all. You’ll also learn in this week’s blast:

What Olympic College’s “secret garden” is all about;

What phone number 911 dispatchers hope you’ll call for fireworks issues this Fourth of July;

Where some baby opossums were given a new home;

And what some recently demolished shacks in East Bremerton could mean for development on the Port Washington Narrows.

With apologies for a late beat blast this week; I came down with a stomach bug midweek. I’ll even show you the doctor’s note if you like.

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Meegan M. Reid photo/Kitsap Sun




One thought on “Beat blast: A country legend performs, a secret garden grows and opossums!

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick through a friend of mine that hosted a gathering at her home. He is a wonderful gentleman and it was great talking with him on all sorts of issues.

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