Beat blast: A park bench, fatherhood, and the pines fall

Whenever you see a park bench named for someone, there’s a story behind it. I had been wondering about who Michael Bartlett was until I met Candiya Mann, his longtime girlfriend. His name graces a green bench at Bachmann Park, the site of filming for this week’s Bremerton Beat Blast.

And yes, there’s a story behind it, as you’ll learn.

Elsewhere on the blast, you’ll find out:


How ‘Ladies Night Out’ will take over Bremerton this Thursday;

About the meteoric rise of a new author (who’s worked at the Sun, and will appear at Liberty Bay Books in Bremerton Saturday);

The felling of towering white pines on Gregory Way;

The details of our Story Walk Saturday at Marine NAD Park. RSVP here

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