Gulls to be evicted from Manette Bridge lampposts

gulls1_22247519_ver1.0_640_480Seagulls have officially worn out their welcome on the Manette Bridge’s lampposts. 

If you travel it often like I do, you’ve probably noticed an accumulation of gull doo-doo along the bridge’s grey concrete and green rails. From above, the birds perch on top of the lampposts and, well, do their business from there.

But their reign of raining poop on the bridge is coming to an end.

In early May, Bremerton Public Works crews will attach “bird deterrent” on the lampposts. This likely means those spike strips you see on other possible bird perches, including at the Bremerton ferry terminal.

The poo issue came to light last year, when the bird droppings had a banner year.

“This year, it seems like there’s a whole bunch more,” Bremerton Public Works Director Chal Martin told me last year, noting, “every single (lamppost) had a bird on it.”

Work is expected to take a day or so, and is scheduled for May 2 & 3.

4 thoughts on “Gulls to be evicted from Manette Bridge lampposts

  1. I always wondered why some years we have gulls here and some years we don’t. Four years ago, we had gulls all over the place and I watched three chicks grow up and learn to fly on the roof of the building across the street. The next year there were no gulls at all. Last year the gulls raised two chicks on the roof. This year it looks like they’re back again.

    Aside from the poop and feathers all over the place, I sort of enjoy having the gulls around. And watching the little ones learn to fly is always entertaining.

  2. Why not collect the gulls’ poop, compost it, and sell it? I bet it’ll make very unique high quality fertilizer . It can be branded in very cool names! Just think about it. You can even have the community participating a contest for the best name, while make this endeavor known!

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