Strawtroversy: Bremerton woman told not to drink beer from straw


During a social gathering at the Bremerton Bar & Grill March 14, Bremerton resident Tonya Deline asked to have a beer, and a straw to go with it. 

She said she got a puzzled look from her waiter, who gave a warning to her once providing the straw.

“He says, ‘I hope you’re not trying to drink that beer with your straw,'” Deline recalled. “We all thought he was joking.”

He wasn’t. (And, for the record, this is not an April Fool’s joke, either.)

That led to the illumination of a table-full of cell phones, each of its owners googling and searching for state laws that might ban straw-drunk beer. Deline decided she’d had enough and consulted the manager.

The manager backed up the waiter, she said.

“The whole situation made me very uncomfortable,” she said.

A friend called the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board to seek clarification. The friend was told no such law existed. I confirmed that as well.

“I don’t know of any reason why you couldn’t drink beer through a straw,” said Brian Smith, spokesman for the state’s liquor and cannabis board. 

I reached out to the new Bremerton Bar & Grill general manager, Jeffrey Kaune, who told me he was not authorized to speak to the media on the subject. But he did respond to a Facebook post addressing the issue, apologizing that it happened and noting he’d given a $100 voucher to the friend who’d contacted the liquor board.

He also wondered on Facebook about how the straw “myth” was perpetuated.

As LoveCraft Brewer Jesse Wilson joked: “There is no chance that drinking beer from a straw is illegal,” he said. “Immoral? Perhaps. Bizarre? Certainly.”

I say to each, his or her own. Deline, for her part, said she won’t be going back to the bar and grill. She said she likes to drink beer out of a straw to prevent spills. There’s no state law banning her from doing so.

8 thoughts on “Strawtroversy: Bremerton woman told not to drink beer from straw

  1. It’s one thing for a server to be ignorant of the law, I think the really weird part is that the manager backed it up. I get that the customer isn’t always right but jeez, why in the world would any sentinant being believe that “law” was correct?

  2. How is beer any different from any carbonated soft drink (as far as using a straw)? Ridiculous for the server to even cause a fuss! If the customer wants a straw, give her a straw.

  3. It was an old wives tale if a lady drank spirits from a straw, she would get drunk quicker. Therefore, making her a cheaper date.
    I have never heard of any ‘law’.

  4. I had esophagus issues years ago and was to drink from a straw because you swallow less air. I use a straw frquently. Maybe he thought she was going to snort her beer

  5. I’ve always had trouble with this place. Bad service. Three visits all pretty sub par. One time a bartender tried to get me to pay for someone’s tab because they walked out after being ignored by the bartender when they were trying to pay. Needless to say I haven’t been back.

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