New bakery’s got something cooking for Bremerton

Quonsets and Croissants, together at last.

Remember the rumors of an acclaimed baker coming to Bremerton? They’re true, and you’ll even have a chance to try out some product at a special event Friday.

Matt Tinder and his fiancee Kate Giuggo, owners of Saboteur Bakery, will open a pop-up bakery at 6 p.m. Friday at Honor Bar, 1223 McKenzie Avenue.

Tinder and Giuggo recently relocated to Bremerton following stints in San Francisco and Napa Valley, where Tinder worked at Michelin-starred restaurants. When it came to opening a bakery, however, they found a lot of red tape in California.

So they came north.

In a happy accident, Tinder stumbled upon Bremerton’s Quonset hut, that practically indestructible semicircular abode with a steel exterior 3/4 of an inch thick. The couple felt Bremerton has an “up and coming vibe,” reminding them of the urban Renaissance that Oakland, California’s been experiencing.

They plan to convert the hut into a commercial bakery, with deliveries and pickups in the back and retail in the front. They’d like to open the fenced yard into a grassy picnic area that feels connected to Evergreen-Rotary Park across the street.

Tinder said demand for their product around the region will support their operations. He’s hopeful Bremerton can help support them, too, but he believes the bakery will be successful regardless. He sees the city as going through a kind of revival and wants to be a part of that, even if it takes time, he said.

Tinder said they’re blessed to have a product they can sell regionally, but do so as Bremerton changes. “However long it takes, we can wait it out,” he said.

They plan to open in the spring. But in the meantime, you can get a sneak peek Friday.

15 thoughts on “New bakery’s got something cooking for Bremerton

  1. Delightful news. I think its important to draw customers to the Evergreen Park area, and located within walking distance from the various new apartment complexes. This also will complement CJ’s Evergreen Store and Catering. I can’t recall any bakery over the past 60 years located in close proximity to downtown Bremerton and the Park. I wish them success.

  2. We need a good bakery in the area near the Evergreen Park. I can’t wait. I haven’t had a great donut since Milt’s closed decades ago!

      1. This bakery does not support the handicapped. One of their employees boasted misinforming airline officials to get her dog on the plain for free. “I told the guy that it was a service dog so I could keep it with me.” I have not been back since.

    1. Also, um, uh, we’ve had bakeries over at the Cafe Destino/Augstino/Samudra/Scout Cafe/Honor Bar location for 10 years, literally until just a few months ago…

  3. McGavins is a local bakery that used to be Milts competition. They have continued to survive if not thrive on Callow. It still requires people to spend money there.

    1. McGavins doesn’t make bread from grain ground on the premises, it is sort a different of bakery. There isn’t any competition

  4. One thing I will say is that this new bakery appears to be catering more to the savory side of things. I love my pink champagne cake at McGavins and my blueberry fritter at Larry’s as much as everyone here. But I think Saboteur will be serving up brioches, croissants and savory treats more than the sweet ones. They’ll also be serving Portland, Oregon’s Stumptown Coffee.

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