Beat blast: 5 things to know in Bremerton this week

Stories featured this week: 

Photo by Bob Johnson
  1. The whales came to Bremerton Sunday
  2. A bookstore may be in store for downtown Bremerton
  3. Joe Kennedy may sue the district if he can’t pray after games
  4. Two bank robberies, one day
  5. 10-year-old gets new bike after hers was stolen

Hope you enjoy our inaugural edition. Please write me with questions or concerns.

4 thoughts on “Beat blast: 5 things to know in Bremerton this week

  1. Great new feature, hearing the news read like this reminds me of
    hearing local news of Bremerton on the radio (KBRO 1490 AM),
    which I still miss after all these years…. keep up the wonderful community “buzz” for Bremerton Josh– we need you! Having Josh tell the stories gives them a more personal, local feel than always having to read them.

  2. Josh,
    Your blog is doing a lot to make local news and governance accessible and relevant again.
    If you have the time to read on national issues, pick up the last 4 days NYT online and read the series of articles on arbitration usurping the court system, basically stripping consumers of their constitutional rights via fine print.
    Sounds far removed from Bremerton, but it isn’t, the choice of providers for credit cards and medical services right here is closed to large extent for consumers who won’t agree to give up redress in court.

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