A bakery in the Quonset hut?

Artists have frequently found inspiration inside Bremerton’s Quonset hut, an iconic city dwelling near Evergreen-Rotary Park.

Perhaps a baker will soon, too.

An accomplished pastry chef is rumored to be eyeing the location, at 301 13th Street, according to the Eater Seattle blog. His name is Matt Tinder, and his resume includes stints at Michelin-starred locations including The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena, California, and Coi in San Francisco.

Tinder has a sister in Seattle, the blog says, and has been looking for a bakery location. Enter Bremerton. From the piece:

“They ended up finding a space on 13th Street in Bremerton, near the waterfront and across the street from Evergreen Rotary Park. The “space” is actually a Quonset hut that Tinder and (his fiance Kate) Giuggio will transform into their bakery, complete with retail space too. They’ll start working on the space October 1, with the aim of opening in February. Ideally they’ll have a “San Francisco-inspired parklet” in front, as well as picnic space in the back.

Tinder will mill his own grains on site, and he plans to use entirely Washington ingredients. Expect breads, morning pastries like croissants and brioches, and “hard-to-find, naturally-leavened breads.” Much of the ingredients and offerings list is still evolving, and Tinder will begin building partnerships once his feet hit the ground in Bremerton.”

So, exciting! Here’s what I’ve been able to find out so far:


I caught up with Quonset hut owner Andrew Johnston, who I interviewed a few months ago for my story on the Quonset hut. Johnston said Tinder is a friend and that he’d love a bakery in the space. But he stopped short of making any confirmation that Tinder is a tenant, let alone that a bakery would be opening in February there, as the blog reports.

I checked with the city’s Community Development Office, but alas, no permits as yet.

And, of course, I knocked on the door of the hut. No luck yet.

I did find Tinder on Twitter. I followed him, and he followed me back. Here’s hoping I hear from him soon. As soon as I hear more, I will let you know.

4 thoughts on “A bakery in the Quonset hut?

  1. I hope the city makes an effort to smooth their renovation and opening! It seems many owners trying to open restaurants have met with multiple roadblocks and delays. The permitting has been much slower and less coordinated than Seattle, a city more than ten times bigger.
    We really need something like this! He would draw people from all over and be a huge asset. Already I have heard a comment for a council member that “I don’t like it, we need more business downtown”. We all need to let them know that we want things like this and they can’t always have a say in exactly where it is. I think this will be a wonderful spot overlooking the park. I have always thought something like this would be great in this building. The guy selling it has been “selling” it for well over a decade. It is wonderful that something fun will go in there. Lets hope the city doesn’t get bogged down in false issues about “parking” or other discouragements.

  2. I can’t even say how ecstatic I am. Ever since Honor Bar closed their bakery and coffee shop I’ve been at a loss for recreating my Saturday morning routine with my kiddos. Coffee + Pastry + Park. Right now I have to schlep across town to get coffee before heading to the park. I can’t be the only person who doesn’t function at the park without coffee?! Bonus points if Tinder puts in a train table and toddler seating so I never have to leave 😉

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