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What were those spooky objects hovering above Bremerton?

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 5.50.05 PM

What on earth were those objects floating over Oyster Bay early Sept. 29?

Laurie Rector would sure like to know. She’s seen some weird stuff — having grown up near an Air Force base — but nothing like the bright lights she saw not long after midnight last Monday.

“They looked like orange fireballs,” Rector said. “It was really just odd.”

She pointed her cell phone at the sky and filmed them for more than five minutes. You can watch the footage, which has garnered more than 1,400 views, below.

In an effort to get to the bottom of this mystery, I called Silvia Klatman, a spokeswoman with Naval Base Kitsap. But she said the Navy had no such activities in the sky that night.

To check on other possibilities, I contacted the Federal Aviation Administration. Their local spokesman, Allen Kenitzer, said that he found “no unusual aircraft activity in the area at that time.”

We’ve hypothesized what it might be in the newsroom as well. Lanterns of some kind? Drones? Aliens? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyone have ideas?

On a final note, I have heard that “Roswell” a TV series on the WB, just celebrated its 15th anniversary. Coincidence?

Bremerton nursery’s ‘potstickers’ add pizzazz to local landscapes

‘Potstickers’ were invented by Bremerton City Nursery.

Coastal rhododendrons, the state flowers of Washington, are a spectacular site in the Pacific Northwest in springtime, bringing vibrant colors to neighborhoods in Bremerton and beyond. But by this time of year, their bloom is long gone.

What’s a gardener to do for some color during nonflowering times?

Enter the potsticker.

The brainchild of John Dreaney, one of the owners of Bremerton City Nursery, a potsticker’s powder-coated steel container, attached to the end of a pole, can elevate a flower or plant above other, less exciting landscapes.

“Pot up some really bright-colored annuals and pop some potstickers into the landscape,” suggests Alex Siefert, manager of city nursery. “And suddenly you have color and dimension.”

Dreaney’s idea has been selling well since the nursery brought them to market in springtime. The potstickers, which slightly resemble a frisbee golf basket, are easily lined with moss for additional color.

The containers also provide an isolated environment for plants known for their expansionist tendencies, Siefert said.

“We all know mint will just kind of do what it wants,” she said. “Put your mint in the potsticker, put your potsticker in the herb garden, and it’s safe and contained.”

Siefert adds potstickers can be used indoors and even as table centerpieces for weddings or other parties as well.

The Bremerton pool, no longer green, is reopened

The Bremerton Family YMCA pool is finally back to normal this morning.
The Bremerton Family YMCA pool is finally back to normal this morning.

Bremerton’s one and only public pool has shed its green color and reopened Monday morning, according to officials at the Bremerton Family YMCA.

A $600,000 renovation had added new plumbing and a hot tub to the Homer Jones Drive facility. But old piping underneath the pool was letting loose a lot of rust due to the power of the new piping above that was driving it out. That gave it a the pool a green color as the iron mixed with the water.

That in and of itself was not unsafe, save for the fact the color was making it hard for lifeguards to see the deep end. But Monday morning, the water was once again crystal clear, following some flushing out by YMCA officials.

The pool was to reopen at 10 a.m. Swimming lessons were set to start up again this afternoon.