Bremerton police blotter, Oct. 11-17

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Here’s this week’s police blotter. I have been remiss in getting these out in the last couple months and I am to get back on track. Starting now.

First off, you’ll see in this photo the new signs that are accompanying the police department’s rollout of an “alcohol impact zone” from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. each day. Participating in the zone, which starts Nov. 1, is voluntary at this point. We’ll see how many retailers go along with it.

Secondly, here’s an item from Bremerton Police Chief Steve Strachan’s weekly update:

Last Saturday, Officer Frank Shaw pulled over a suspected drunk driver, and the man was asked to do some field sobriety tests. Following a less than stellar performance in the one leg stand, the driver commented, “Come on, I can’t do that s–t drunk.” Quickly realizing that this was probably not the right thing to say, he corrected himself by saying, “I mean, I can’t do that s–t whether I am drunk or sober!” Pretty good recovery…He was ultimately arrested, blew a .16 alcohol content and was booked into the jail.

Here’s more, from the reports board at the Burwell Street station:

Driving under the influence: Officers arrested a man speeding through the parking lot at 2900 Perry Avenue early Oct. 11. The man blew a .16 blood-alcohol content, about twice the legal limit for driving. He was booked into the Kitsap County jail.

Reckless driving: Police heard someone driving a car “running its motor at high revolutions” on the Warren Avenue Bridge Oct. 11, then watched as the car proceeded to pass police going 90 mph in a 30 mph zone. Officers caught up to the car and cited the driver for speeding and reckless driving.

Theft: A woman reported Oct. 11 that while in an argument with her boyfriend, he stole her wallet. The man had claimed she stole his cell phone. Later the same day, the man returned and a struggle ensued between them in a fight for the wallet. The woman was pushed to the ground during the struggle. Police have yet to track the man down.

Driving under the influence: Police stopped a driver for DUI Oct. 12 and found his blood alcohol level was .16, about twice the legal limit. The man allegedly put his head in his hands when arrested, exclaiming, “I knew I should have just walked home.” He was jailed.

Disorderly conduct: Officers were called to the 1200 block of Park Avenue Oct. 13 where a man was reportedly asking for money from drivers. They told the man to stop doing it, as it caused the cars to stop in the road, which is illegal. He agreed and moved on.

Malicious mischief: Police learned Oct. 14 of a dispute between a man and his ex-girlfriend at an Austin Drive residence. The man reportedly smashed their TV and dumped out the woman’s make up bag, urinating on its contents. Police advised both parties to stay away from each other; a report will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

High 5 suspect arrest: Officers were at a residence on West Broad Street Oct. 16, where a man with an arrest warrant said he knew the location of a Bremerton “High 5” most wanted suspect named Nicholas Castillo. The man agreed to take officers to a place at National Avenue and West E Street in exchange for letting the tipster take care of his warrant the next day. The man went to the house and called for Castillo; he came out and was arrested by police.

Unauthorized camping: An officer Oct. 16 warned a man that he needed to move his tent and leave the Eastpark area, near its intersection with Magnuson Way and Schley Boulevard.

Driving under the influence: An officer Oct. 16 watched a car screech its tires at the intersection of Sixth Street and Warren Avenue before taking off at a high rate of speed. The officer radioed to his colleagues and the car was stopped. The driver had no other reason to have been speeding than he was upset he couldn’t find a friend’s residence. He was found by officers to be driving under the influence and arrested.

Assault: Officers were called to the 800 block of Sixth Street for a report of an assault at the 7-Eleven Oct. 17. A woman said she was hit in the face by her boyfriend. He was tracked down by police nearby. Video surveillance was taken for review of the incident. The man was taken to the Kitsap County jail.

To wrap up, don’t forget that you’re likely to start seeing Bremerton police officers with facial hair in November. Though it’s against department policy, an exception for “Movember” will be made again this year, and officers will be sporting beards and goatees to raise money for Kitsap Cancer Services.

And last but not least, Bremerton police’s High 5 list for the week.

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