Dispatches from Manette

From left to right: Rejuv staff Christina Zamora, Julie Poston, Val Sechrest and Annaliza Tolosa.
From left to right: Rejuv staff Christina Zamora, Julie Poston, Val Sechrest and Annaliza Tolosa.

An anniversary, an accident and an ascension: here’s a  few things past, present and upcoming in the Bremerton hamlet of Manette to get you caught up on.

Friday marks Rejuv Salon & Spa‘s 10th year in business. Julie Poston, its founder, started a solo massage practice downtown. She’s now got ten employees in a serene space off Scott Avenue.

“I never imagined the success we’d have,” says Poston, who notes she spent much of her 20s working at the Boat Shed before going full time as a massage therapist.

She and some of her employees credit that success to staff camaraderie and a great rapport with customers, many of which are loyal and return often. It didn’t hurt to win a 2010 award for best massage in Western Washington either, Poston said.

Rejuv will celebrate its 10th anniversary from 5-8 p.m. Friday at 1007 Scott Avenue, Suite B. View the details here.

IMG_5369 Up the street and around the bend from Rejuv, the second story of a new pet spa is taking shape.

I spoke with owner Eliane Pugnalin today. My understanding is there’s an office going upstairs and the grooming will be done downstairs. She told me that a roof still has to be installed, weather permitting.

There’s no opening date as yet but I will keep an eye out.

The Bay Bowl, with BAY lit up.
The Bay Bowl, with BAY lit up.

Down toward Harrison Medical Center, the Bay Bowl, an East Bremerton icon, caught my eye the other morning. The lights on ‘BAY’ upon its brick facade, were on.

Chris Campana, owner of the complex, said it was just an accident the lights were on. They haven’t been on since.

Rimnam Thai Cuisine and storage for Delphinus Engineering take up the bulk of the building. Campana said he’s had some interest in other parts of the building but nothing’s materialized.


And finally, I found this little sign at Raejean Barone’s found store. It’s a new campaign based on similar city signs near Harrison Medical Center as part of the ongoing Lower Wheaton Way construction project.

More on her store, as well as the E. 11th street lighting project, later.


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