Bremerton nursery’s ‘potstickers’ add pizzazz to local landscapes

‘Potstickers’ were invented by Bremerton City Nursery.

Coastal rhododendrons, the state flowers of Washington, are a spectacular site in the Pacific Northwest in springtime, bringing vibrant colors to neighborhoods in Bremerton and beyond. But by this time of year, their bloom is long gone.

What’s a gardener to do for some color during nonflowering times?

Enter the potsticker.

The brainchild of John Dreaney, one of the owners of Bremerton City Nursery, a potsticker’s powder-coated steel container, attached to the end of a pole, can elevate a flower or plant above other, less exciting landscapes.

“Pot up some really bright-colored annuals and pop some potstickers into the landscape,” suggests Alex Siefert, manager of city nursery. “And suddenly you have color and dimension.”

Dreaney’s idea has been selling well since the nursery brought them to market in springtime. The potstickers, which slightly resemble a frisbee golf basket, are easily lined with moss for additional color.

The containers also provide an isolated environment for plants known for their expansionist tendencies, Siefert said.

“We all know mint will just kind of do what it wants,” she said. “Put your mint in the potsticker, put your potsticker in the herb garden, and it’s safe and contained.”

Siefert adds potstickers can be used indoors and even as table centerpieces for weddings or other parties as well.

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