Bremerton police blotter, Aug. 22-26

Here’s your weekly look at the Bremerton police calls: 

Theft from pay boxes, Burwell Street and Washington Avenue: Police were called Aug. 22 for a man picking pay boxes downtown. Officers found the man and discovered he had forceps and $14 in his pocket. Witnesses confirmed the man was the suspect. He was taken to jail.

Driving under the influence, Riddell Road at Wheaton Way: An officer watched Aug. 22 as a man sped down Wheaton Way going 52 in a 30 mph zone. The officer felt the man was intoxicated, with watery, droopy and bloodshot eyes. The man did field sobriety tests and ultimately blew a .10 blood alcohol level, above the .08 legal limit. He told the officer he could “beat” the charge as he had with a ticket and a “DV” in the past. He was jailed.

Possession of heroin, 2900 Perry Avenue: Officers Aug. 22 found that a woman wanted for heroin possession had gone into a bar’s bathroom. When she came out, she said she had “one point” of heroin on her currently. In the car outside she was riding in, officers found heroin and meth paraphernalia. She was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Meth possession, 1500 Shorewood Drive: Police were called for a man running through yards “acting as if someone is chasing him,” on Aug. 22. When they caught up to the man he was moving continuously, sweating profusely, was paranoid and had trouble carrying on a conversation. Officers suspected he was high on meth. Since he’d trespassed in someone’s yard, he was arrested. Officers found meth in his pocket. He was jailed.

Driving under the influence, 1500 Warren Avenue: Officers Aug. 23 stopped a driver for going 51 mph in a 30 mph zone. Officers felt she had been drinking and following field sobriety tests she blew a .12. She was taken to jail.

Driving under the influence, Veneta Avenue at 11th Street: A driver apparently hit a tree in the area Aug. 24. When police arrived, they noted the driver had an opened can of beer on the passenger side floorboard. He denied drinking it. He appeared very nervous and was “very fidgety” police said. Officers said he blew a .09 blood alcohol level. He was jailed.

Egging, 1700 Marine Drive: A man reported Aug. 24 his truck was egged sometime overnight. Police have no suspects.

Burglary, 1500 Snyder Avenue: A man reported Aug. 24 that sometime between Aug. 20 and the 24th his home had been burglarized and the thieves took power tools, clothes and fishing gear. It appeared the suspect or suspects came in through a window. He mentioned he’d been gone from the house, as had his wife, who was giving birth at the hospital. Police are investigating.

Assault, 600 Callow Avenue: A bartender reported she was hit in the face Aug. 24 by a girlfriend of a man who was bringing his own liquor into the bar. Police could not locate the suspect.

Burglary, 5100 Auto Center Way: A store manager called police Aug. 25 to say a back closet containing cleaning supplies had been broken into sometime overnight. The manager suspected someone in a nearby homeless camp as a possible suspect. Police have no leads.

Vandalism, 400 Chester Avenue: A woman reported to police Aug. 25 that her car’s rear passenger side window was broken out. Police have no suspects.

Found credit cards, 2000 15th Street: A woman weeding her flower garden found a stack of credit and debit cards and a drivers license belonging to a Silverdale woman Aug. 25. Police were able to contact the Silverdale woman, and get her stuff back to her. She said her purse had been stolen in early July from a tanning salon.

Homeless camp, 4300 Wheaton Way: An officer Aug. 25 went exploring behind the building that once housed Lowes in Bremerton, discovering a broken lock on a fenced gate that led to two “transient camps.” Two women were found camping and the officer warned them they’d soon be trespassed. Couches, stoves, beds, chairs, carpet and other items were found and the officer concluded people had been staying in that area “for months.” A report was forwarded to the city’s code enforcement officer and community resource specialist.

Trespassing, 10th Street and Park Avenue: An officer late Aug. 25 found a man lying on a mattress in Puget Sound Energy’s property there. He had been trespassed four times before and was taken to the jail this time.

Theft of license plate, 2000 Nipsic Avenue: A man who returned home from vacation Aug. 25 noticed his rear license plate had been removed and replaced with another. Police are still investigating.

Possession of a stolen vehicle, Burwell Street and Montgomery Avenue: An officer spotted a car that had been reported stolen Aug. 26. He stopped it and the woman driving was arrested for possessing the stolen car, though she said she had permission. A woman riding in the car also had a warrant for her arrest for DUI and drug possession. The two were taken to jail. Two men also riding in the car were released.

Fraud, 4000 Wheaton Way: Moneytree employees reported that a woman Aug. 26 had just tried to cash a check issued by a local company. A Moneytree employee called the company to verify they’d issued the check, but a company representative was adamant they did not. When the suspect and a companion in the Moneytree overheard the Moneytree employee say she would call police, the pair fled. The suspect apparently then called the company and apologized, saying if she didn’t try to cash the fraudulent check “she’d be shot.” Moments later, police got word that a woman parked in Fred Meyer, who worked at the company, had her car prowled. The car was unlocked and the thieves took a briefcase filled with documents related to the company inside as well as company checks. Police are still looking for the suspect.

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