Bremerton police blotter, Aug. 12-21

The Bremerton police blotter has been on hiatus for about a month. With apologies, here’s the latest installment:

Theft from a pay box, Burwell Street at Pacific Avenue: Police responded to the Harborside Parking Garage for a report of someone stealing money from a pay box Aug. 12. A sergeant arrived to find a man leaving in a car who tried to divert police by saying “Are you looking for a gun who ran toward the back?” The sergeant didn’t buy it, noting the driver matched the suspect description and had a worried look on his face as if he’d done something wrong. “I have three children of my own and have seen this expression many times before,” the sergeant said. The man, who was found with $26 in wrinkled bills, went to jail.

Disorderly conduct, 600 Park Avenue: An officer Aug. 12 watched as a man at the 7-Eleven store tried to pick a fight with a stranger, kicking a propane bottle storage rack and making “karate gestures.” He was taken to jail for disorderly conduct.

Theft from front porch, 1000 Walnut Street: A woman told police Aug. 13 that a UPS package was stolen off her front porch. Police have no suspects.

Suspended license and more, 2600 E. 10th Street: An officer Aug. 14 watched a car with a defective tail pipe drive by him on the Manette Bridge. He attempted to pull the car over, but the driver, who was on a cell phone, kept driving, including running a stop sign. He finally stopped and told the officer he was getting medicine for his pregnant girlfriend. He let an officer search his car, confirming first a half an ounce of pot inside. Nothing criminal was found. He was taken to jail for having a suspended license and the officer wrote several citations stemming from his driving.

Stolen liquor, 2900 Wheaton Way: A man walked out of Albertsons with a vodka bottle Aug. 14. Police arrived to find him walking in the area. The man had recently been featured on the police department’s “High 5” list. He told officers to “just take me to jail.” They did. A second man on the very same day attempted to steal two bottles from the store as well, police said. He met the same fate.

Burglary, 5200 Sinclair Way: Officers were called to an audible alarm at a business on Sinclair Way early Aug. 14. A front window was broken out to gain access inside. Police are still investigating.

Very drunk teen, 1400 Fourth Street: A woman found a 14 or 15 year-old teenager passed out on Fourth Street late Aug. 15. When she came to, officers took her blood alcohol level and found it to be .40. “I have never in my years as a police officer had a subject provide a breath sample that high before.” The teen was belligerent all the way to, and at, Harrison Medical Center. Police left her to be treated for the alcohol overdose.

Stolen bicycle, 2500 Cherry Avenue: A Harrison Medical Center worker said someone cut his bike lock and took his $500 bike while it was chained up at work Aug. 15. Police have no suspects. Bike theft has been rampant in Bremerton lately.

Vehicle prowling, 200 South Summit Avenue: A woman reported Aug. 15 that someone had stolen a couple of iPod touches out of her car sometime overnight. Police have no suspects.

Theft from rental home: 100 North Marion Avenue: A woman reported Aug. 15 that a washer and dryer had been stolen out of the rental unit she owns. Police are investigating.

Harassment in the ER, 2500 Cherry Avenue: Officers were called to Harrison Medical Center Aug. 17 for a man harassing and asking for money from people in the emergency room lobby. He’d admitted himself to the ER five times in the past 48 hours. Police told him not to return to the ER unless he was brought there by police or EMS. A report was forwarded to the Bremerton city prosecutor for review of the incident.

Was it the dog?, 3500 Parker Lane: A man came home to find a pile of feces on his bed Aug 17. His house was locked up and his dog was “cowering” in another portion of a house separated by a baby gate, leading the owner to believe someone else had done it. Police decided that, judging by the fact nothing else had been taken, it was probably the dog, but told the owner to give police a call if anything was missing.

Trespassing, 1000 Park Avenue: Officers found a man camping on Puget Sound Energy property Aug. 17. He was told to leave.

Vehicle prowling, 3200 Pine Road: A woman reported Aug. 17 that her iPad was stolen out of her car overnight. There are no suspects.

Left in the car, 4100 Kitsap Way: Officers were called Aug. 17 for an approximately 3-year-old child left in a car. The mother of the child reported she’d only been in the store for a few minutes; store employees said it was at least 20. An officer told her how dangerous it was to leave a child in a hot car and, when asked why she did it, she responded the baby was “cranky.” Police took a report for prosecutors to review and let the mother and child go.

Shoplifting, 2900 Wheaton Way: A woman Aug. 17 stole chicken and donuts from Albertson’s. Police were able to track down the car she allegedly fled in but she was not in it at the time. Officers are looking for her.

Vehicle prowling, 4000 Bledsoe Avenue: A man told police that his car was prowled sometime overnight Aug. 18. He came outside to find his car doors open, with a GPS device, stereo face plate, 24-pack of cola and bag of chips missing. Police have no suspects.

Driving under the influence, Olympus Drive: An officer pulled a car over doing 40 mph in a 25 mph zone Aug. 20. The driver, who said he was the “DD” smelled of alcohol and exhibited signs of being intoxicated, an officer said. He blew a .12 blood alcohol level, higher than the .08 legal limit, and was taken to the Kitsap County Jail.

Counterfeit bill, 2100 Sixth Street: A man Aug. 20 passed a counterfeit $20 bill, but the clerk knew it was fake and would not accept it. The man left the store before police arrived. The incident remains under investigation.

Domestic assault, 100 Bloomington Avenue: Police were called there early Aug. 21 after a woman had an altercation with her boyfriend. He allegedly punched through a door and they struggled; she ended up with what appeared to be a broken nose. Police are working to track down the suspect.

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