Police pull over for Trooper Tony, 2 years after his death




Mile marker 28. That’s the spot, on Highway 16 near Gorst, where Washington State Trooper Tony Radulescu was shot and killed on February 23, 2012.

Radulescu’s public memorial is located at the Washington State Patrol’s Bremerton headquarters. But there’s obvious significance, particularly in the law enforcement community, to the location where the 44-year-old lost his life. So perhaps it’s no surprise that, each anniversary of his death, officers have gathered at the site.

This year, in the same early morning hours of Feb. 23 that Radulescu called out a traffic stop that would be his last, troopers in his Washington State Patrol detachment gathered there. So did Bremerton and Port Orchard Police officers. And Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies.

Rob Corn, a deputy who did what he could to try and save Radulescu on that sad day, said journeying to the site has become a tradition.

“It’s an annual thing, as long as we aren’t on calls, to go down there,” Corn said.

Those cops that were able to cut away took this photo to mark the occasion.

7 thoughts on “Police pull over for Trooper Tony, 2 years after his death

  1. This was indeed a sad day two years ago. I’m happy to see officer Tony Radulescu has not been forgotten for his exemplary services throughout his career. May he rest in peace.

  2. I was wondering why isn’t there a memorial headstone or something at this location??? I think of him everytime I pass this area and think of what was done and a life lost. I would think that if program was set up for a nice place someplace along that roadway (But of course) oft the roadway some type of plaque or status could be placed so that the general public can take notice of a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. Rip Police office Radulesu and you were taken away to soon.

    1. Jon:

      At the time, I recall there were concerns about safety (e.g. having people stop and pay respects on the side of a busy highway).


  3. @Jon Lechich

    There is a memorial headstone at the Washington State Patrol building in Bremerton off Werner rd. and it’s outside and publicly viewable I’m pretty sure.

  4. There is a beautiful memorial that is accessible to the public outside the WSP building off of Werner.
    Thank you to these officers for remembering Trooper Tony!

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