Cary Bozeman: from Bellevue to Bremerton to … Aberdeen?


Can Cary Bozeman turn Aberdeen around? 

The former Bellevue and Bremerton mayor has a new mission, and it’s the revitalization of the gritty Washington port, birthplace and hometown of Kurt Cobain.

The Daily World reports that Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson will recommend to his City Council the hiring Bozeman’s consulting firm, The Bozeman Group, “to stimulate renovation and redevelopment for downtown Aberdeen.”

Bozeman, mayor in Bremerton from 2002 to 2009, says he’s eager for the challenge and hopes the City Council there will accept. He’s also contemplating a run for Kitsap County commissioner but has yet to make a decision.

From The Daily World’s article, Bozeman spells out his priorities for the city if selected:

“In Bozeman’s draft proposal, there is a list of 10 projects and opportunities to be considered: waterfront development, creating a downtown parking structure, reviving Main Street state funding, the impact of the highway through town, green belts and a city walking trail within the downtown core, development of the Morck Hotel, relocating the rail line, developing downtown housing, establishing historic districts to trigger benefits and funding for preservation as well as developing concepts for a heritage tour and signage program and going “green” downtown.”

Sound familiar?


3 thoughts on “Cary Bozeman: from Bellevue to Bremerton to … Aberdeen?

  1. I noticed under his listed accomplishments he no longer takes credit for the tunnel to nowhere, now it is referred to as “ferry terminal reconstruction”. Good Luck Aberdeen, soon you will have $400 street sign posts in your downtown but no money to replace your decades old faded stop signs on residential streets.

  2. Knock Bozeman if you will, but I would give you Vegas odds that none of the new construction, businesses or events we have seen come to pass in Bremerton since he was elected would have come about were it not for his efforts.

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