A Heavy-Handed Farewell to the Bremerton Beat

In the second month, January 2006, of the Bremerton Beat blog I wrote a post about Bremerton adding free wireless Internet downtown. In case you didn’t notice, and chances are you didn’t, city-backed free wireless went away last year. Next week, so does the Bremerton Beat. Truth is, not many will notice that exit either.

We launched this site when blogs were the new thing that were threatening to replace us reporters. I was excited about the medium and the opportunity to flex some literary muscles we don’t normally get to in straight news stories. The blogs gave us the chance to do things like create a video asking whether a candidate’s photo was doctored. That post was on this site, basically because we didn’t have another logical home for it. We won a verifiable SPJ award for that first year of work. I had visions of blogging for a living.

As fun as it was, though, it is work. And we had the speedway issue going on at the time. The “Bremerton Beat” blog was always my second blog and about my fifth responsibility. For a while the fun of what we could put here was enough to bring me back.

This place really hit its stride in 2008 with Andy Binion writing it. That didn’t last nearly long enough. In 2009 I was handed the lower-case Bremerton beat again. As for the upper-case version, this one, we agreed upon a shared responsibility. We had our moments, such as when we ganged up on Seattle. But generally the blog never hit its stride again. Like so much, when this site was everyone’s responsibility it was no one’s. The last post was in January. Frankly I was surprised to see it had been that recent.

So we agree with the final commenter on that post, that it’s time to retire The Bremerton Beat.

Honestly, I’m a little sad, but I couldn’t agree more. The only reason I didn’t suggest it sooner was because I thought there should be a home for what once lived here regularly. We think we found a place. We’re invading South Kitsap. It probably won’t be too difficult to take over completely. We’ll send them invites to a lugnut shooting party one day, camp out on their blog while they’re gone and refuse to leave. It’s how we roll in Bremerton.

Port Orchard, you’re on notice.

14 thoughts on “A Heavy-Handed Farewell to the Bremerton Beat

  1. Bring it on! Wait a minute. Bremerton annexing SKIA, Bremerton watershed, Bremerton Fire Department merging with South, Boseman as CEO…OMG! We are becoming Bremerton.

    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  2. A big thanks and farewell to the Bremerton Beat. We had a whole lot of fun but like any cheap but satisfyingly good one night stand, it’s morning and time to move on.

    It is directly because of this blog that I now write and am published on a weekly basis by our beloved Andrew Binion (Editor of the “other” local Bremerton newspaper). A blessing and a curse. (smile) . Maybe I should take up the mantle of the occasional Port Orchard bashing in my own column….hmmmm that idea has definite possibilities.

  3. Oh yes, the beat does go on. The tempo may change but it will continue not only in the heart and mind of those readers who were introduced to ‘blogging’ from the Bremerton Beat but the energy flows out into other forms, a part of us all. It gives us a base and the ability to move on.

    Colleen, I was unaware Andy is still here…and that you’ve got a paying job as a reporter – thanks to Andy and the Bremerton Beat Blog.
    Good news, congratulations!

    Tell Andy “Hi” for me and that I hope he is still riding his bike around town…he’s a neat guy.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. Sharon,

    I never said it was a paying job.(smile) I have one of those already in the private sector. I am simply writting a column as a community member here in Bremerton. I am doing it for the pure fun and joy I get from writting about the community in which I live and love.

    Anyone can send Andy an email through the website for the “other” publication. Just click on the editor link. His office is in Silverdale. He would love to hear from you all.

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