Whimsy Alert — Fisherman To Be Snagged by Fish

The Bremerton City Council reversed itself and gave a victory to all fish who’ve ever been tempted by a worm, or something shiny only to later find a final resting place on a plate.

With a 7-2 vote, the council voted to have the fish catching the fisherman in the $250,000 statues slated to grace downtown at Fourth Street and Pacific Avenue.

“It’s art,” said Will Maupin when asked to explain why he decided to make the motion that was not on the agenda. He said he talked with some people. “I changed my mind.” So did Carol Arends. Both had previously voted for the more traditional view of a fish and fisherman doing what they do in real life.

Council members Dianne Robinson and Cecil McConnell did not, apparently being no fans of whimsy. They were the only ones to hold fast to tradition.

Roy Runyon, Adam Brockus and Nick Wofford voted as they did before, giving the fish the reel and the fisherman the hook. New council members Jim McDonald and Greg Wheeler also voted for the fish. Wofford had explained that since the council would be overturning an earlier decision, it would need a supermajority, which it got plus one.

Rumors that this could happen surfaced a couple of weeks ago, prior to the last regular meeting. But it appeared then that not enough council members would be willing to bring the statues up again. Not doing it then appeared to kill the idea, but council members said doing it tonight still gave the designers time to stick with the earlier plan.

So whimsy zealots get your way. Those who thought the city ought not spend $250,000 on statues, you don’t.

11 thoughts on “Whimsy Alert — Fisherman To Be Snagged by Fish

  1. Good. I think the fish catching the fisherman is a perfect metaphor for how environmental extremists (and their allies, the tribes) have caught the taxpayer and allocated his money from schools, roads, law enforcement, etc. to all things fishy. Perfect.

  2. Bluelight, it is only perfect if the line from the fishing pole the fish is holding is to be connected directly to the back pocket and wallet of the fisherman.

    The fact that the City Council is proceeding with this so called “whimsical art” instead of spending the money on more practical items, such as benches, bike racks, awnings etc. is the truly disconnected moment on their part. Disconnected from the average taxpayer and resident of this community and disconnected from any true form of thoughtful stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

    For a true representation of what this means to the voting taxpayer, the city council should donate this “fish art” to the new dog park in Silverdale. It could be study in contrast between one set of elected individuals who frivolously spend taxpayer dollars on “whimsical art” and the other group made up of actual taxpayers, who volunteer, work hard, and accomplish what they want, for public spaces, with their own private money. Not to mention the fact that the dogs could use the fish art in lieu of a “hydrant” type item for their needs. We, the citizens of Bremerton are getting pissed on anyway thanks to this whimsical art. It might as well happen in the true sense.

  3. No, Colleen, it’s more appropriate for the hook to be deep in the fisherman’s mouth. The reallocation of funding affects more than his wallet; it affects his aspiration for his kids’ future, his freedom, his ability to – even – fill his wallet, etc. Yes, it should be deep in his mouth. Like he swallowed hook, line and sinker.

    Pissing on it is appropriate, though. Maybe the City Council can reallocate road money for a little brass dog, leg raised.

  4. I’m surprised the city council didn’t reverse their fishy decision.

    In that sense, the chosen art for Bremerton was a ‘done deal’ seemingly arrogantly chosen and arranged without regard for the taxpayer wishes for such visible artwork for their own town.
    They should have been part of the decision. They pay the taxes and vote for the people who will govern in the best interest of the present and future. The taxpayers had the ethical and moral right to vote and provide input on the project.

    The very people who pay taxes in Bremerton were discarded by their own government as unimportant in the choice of art.

    My hometown of Bremerton was not known as a fishing place…why the fishy lie?
    Sharon O’Hara

  5. Good Point Sharon. We can gather private funding for the dog and ask the Bremerton Arts Committee to design it. They appear to have extra time on their hands since the City Council does not utilize them the way they should for recommendations and feedback.

  6. In addition to the pissing dog (representing the government’s attitude toward its constituents) we need an indian statue on the other corner demanding half the “catch”.

  7. An Indian statue is far more appropriate and makes more sense than a fish statue in Bremerton. A horse statue on the other corner works for me too.

  8. I’ve got no beef with public art- but this is so tasteless that Tuesday Morning would refuse to sell it. Not only is the subject matter tacky- the design is unbearable.
    The money came from a grant- so I’m glad Bremerton got it. It’s just a shame that they elected to do something ugly with it.

  9. For clarity sake, Roy Runyon along with Cecil McConnell voted AGAINST spending $250,000 of taxpayer money to buy the fish and fisherman sculpture.

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