Election Statement (and Response) of the Day

We took a jab at the eligible voters who couldn’t be bothered to walk to the mailbox in an editorial today, and Chris Henry and her blog followers have some theories on the low turnout for a “pointless primary” here. But the indignant (and spot on) comment of the day comes from councilman Nick Wofford: “We’ve got people in other countries risking their lives to vote and we can’t get off our duffs to put a stamp on an envelope.”

Finishing first in the witty rejoinder division is commentor paradyne64: “Don’t worry Mr. Wofford, the voters will turn out to vote down your $30 car tab increase.”

Today’s updated totals are out and it’s still Maupin-Lent-Shepherd. And the turnout is still embarrassingly low.

— David Nelson

2 thoughts on “Election Statement (and Response) of the Day

  1. David,

    It is a sound bite, drive thru mentality around here these days. Paradyne64 will end up being very correct in his assumption that the voter turnout on the car tab issue will increase the numbers. A significant dummying down appears to have occurred when it comes to the level of complexity the average citizen/taxpayer/voter can and will process when it comes to understanding local issues or politics.

    A simple measure such as the Car Tab issues is very quick and easy for them to process. I will vote yes and give the city $30 or I will vote no and keep the $30. They think easy…greed wins, vote NO and keep the $30.

    More complex issues such as voting for Mayor, Port Commissioner and School Board Directors baffle them would require them to put forth some time, effort and thinking on their parts. Time and effort they are not willing to give to their community but they pay a heavy price for not doing it in the end. By not voting the wrong people sometimes get elected and now they are paying $230 in waste or increases because of the wrong people. The true tragedy is that they do not even realize it because they are too busy patting themselves on the back for voting on the car tabs issue and saving that $30.

  2. More people should up to protest something or in support of something at Norm dicks Town Hall in Bremerton than actually voted in the Primary. Seems we all love to say Hoorah for our side.

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