Bozeman’s Campaign Cash

Your friendly neighborhood Bremelog combed through some public records and uncovered a little political tidbit yesterday: Cary Bozeman has raised the most campaign cash of the mayoral candidates.

His $47,237 is ten grand more than anyone else has brought in, and there’s $14,000 left in the coffers. Chris Kornelis reports that Harrison Medical Center Foundation will be the beneficiary next Wednesday.

If you want to check out the PDC filings yourself, click here. It’s a pretty slick database, as it should be to communicate such information.


Across the Port Washington Narrows, there’s a poorly-publicized meeting scheduled for this afternoon that may be of interest to Manette residents (I just heard yesterday, and not from the city). The parks department will invite the public’s input/show them what’s coming on the future of Domstad Park, which may be reconfigured when the Manette Bridge is rebuilt. WSDOT and Public Works are getting the bids together, but Parks will host the forum at 1:30 p.m. today. Happens at its offices in the Sheridan Community Center, 680 Lebo Blvd.

— David Nelson

One thought on “Bozeman’s Campaign Cash

  1. Dolsted Park, paid for with sewer line replacement fees, no vote, Mayor Bozeman’s “vision”. Why are our sewer bills so extremely high?

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