A Song Dedication for 23-Year-Old Olalla Man

Man, I can relate. Here at the Bremerton Beat we love to toss jabs across the bathtub at our close, personal friends in Port Orchard and, if necessary, South Kitsap at large. Little gives us more joy than to find foibles and exploit them. Makes us feel bigger, you know?

But in this case my Harborside Condominium-sized heart goes out to the Olalla man who saw the former love of his life driving around in the ride he paid for with another guy. Man, that’s gotta hurt.

But hurtin’ is what happens in this life. Way back in 1983 and 1993 (2003 was just peachy.) I had massive stomps put on my heart. It was tough. It made me think of things I wouldn’t want anyone to know. One way I kept people from knowing some of my more awful thoughts was by not telling them. Another way was not doing them. Even in my most emotional moments, I managed to be rational. I might have wanted to yell at those women in public, or take out a particularly biting classified ad. But I didn’t. I knew that ultimately it wouldn’t help my cause.

Olalla man didn’t trust that, though. He saw his ex-girlfriend driving the Chevy Blazer he paid for with some dude from California. So he flipped a Jake (That’s a U-turn in some parts.) and followed her, scared her and caused an accident. Fortunately no one appears to have seriously been physically hurt. As for the emotional scars I have no prognosis.

For Olalla man I have a prescription for you next time you think you want to do something you’ll ultimately apologize to cops for. When that feeling in your heart runs up to your mouth and makes you want to shout random expletives at your former girlfriend, retreat. Find a music player and try to find a song that speaks your story. Feel, man, feel, like Port Orchard has to tell itself every time it compares itself with the jewel that is Bremerton. Find a half hour some time when you can listen to the song over and over, until you’re tired of it and tired of feeling bad about yourself. Dude, a song lets you know you’re not the only one forced to pick liver at the buffet table.

For me the song was “I Wish I Were Blind,” by Bruce Springsteen in the 1993 drama. Risking copyright infringement, I’ll post the video here for you. I’m sure Bruce would understand. His lawyers probably won’t, but for you I’ll take that chance.

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  1. This an example of is why Gardner should not be allowed to take a vacation lasting more than a week.

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