Daugs Makes it Four for Mayor

Daryl Daugs, chairman of the 35th District Democrats, announced on his blog Tuesday that he intends to run for Bremerton mayor. It means he gives up the Democratic post.

Daugs ran for state representative in the 35th District, losing the race eventually won by fellow Democrat Fred Finn.

His campaign Web site from that run indicates that most recently he was a lead organizer for the Washington Federation of State Employees in Olympia focusing on system reform of Child Protective Services. He and his wife have been foster parents for 54 children.

One reason he decided to run:

“Not one of the people that has stepped up to run makes me very happy.”

Beyond that, he writes:

“For me … this is not political … it is personal. I grew up here. I cruised Pacific Ave in my 66 Mustang. I watched movies in the Roxy and the Admiral. My kids have all gone from grade school through high school here. I love and care for my community and the many friends and family that live here with me.”

Daugs joins Mike Shepherd, Will Maupin and Brad Gehring in the race. He’s the only one running, so far, who isn’t a member of the current city council.

One thought on “Daugs Makes it Four for Mayor

  1. I do not know Mr. Daugs personally nor do I know much about him. What has made me interested in learning more is his daughter Gwen. Gwen serves as the Student Representative to the Bremerton School Board and I have had the pleasure of serving with her recently on the Citizens Finance Committee which has provided me with the opportunity to learn more about her. Gwen is a very impressive asset to our school system and community. Thank you Mr. Daugs.

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