Heads Up if You’re Headed Downtown

People, boats and cars have crowded into downtown Bremerton this morning for the Harbor Festival — good thing.

You trying to catch a ferry in the midst — bad thing.

I just got stuck in a back up on Washington from Burwell to Sixth, where cars detoured by a car show are stacking up on their way to the terminal. Pacific is closed from Sixth down to Burwell, and Fourth and Fifth streets are more or less closed at Park.

For drivers headed to the terminal it’s a mess. I can’t imagine the 11:25 left on time, so if you’re planning on driving on to the 12:45 or 3, I’d suggest an early start. (Or, like I did, ride your bicycle in. But I’d recommend that regardless.)

Then again, with all that’s happening down there on a sunny afternoon, not a bad day to skip the trip across the water entirely. I’m going to go have a look around now, it’s pretty full down here.

— David Nelson

2 thoughts on “Heads Up if You’re Headed Downtown

  1. I was going over to catch the Seattle ferry and my friend had to drop me off blocks away because of this mess and I sprinted in the heat while carrying heavy bags. It really took a lot out of me but the ferry was delayed because of this wretched traffic mess. Wish I left earlier and just walked. I HATE running to the ferry and it kills my feet in my boots.

  2. If the 12:45p hadn’t been running late, we would have missed the ferry and had to drive round to Seattle to make our child’s class. Poor ferry signage, detours and the crowds. Glad to see they were having such a good time, but logistics could have been better.

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