A Cheap Timelapse of the Tunnel

I recently decided to punish myself by committing to riding my bike to work at least a couple days a week. After a couple feeble, exhausting attempts on my squooshy, heavy mountain bike I’ve decided to get a proper road bike. I also decided to plan my route using Google’s Street View function.

And that’s when I stumbled upon a virtual time lapse of the downtown Bremerton ferry tunnel project. First, the satellite view before the buildings along Pacific were demolished. Second, the street view shows the construction when there was a mighty hole in the ground. Third, a photo from last week as the city polished off the last few details of the park that now rests atop the tunnel.

A timely diversion after Ed Friedrich’s story today about the tunnel.

– Derek Sheppardpicture-4picture-520090514-174722-pic-77560516_t600

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