Bremerton Beat Adds Its Responses to Port Orchard Podunk Talk

Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola spoke recently at a chamber meeting, and after seeing a video (courtesy of, the Bremerton blog (at least two of of us) can’t let it go without some response. (I mean we do have to maintain the Bremerton vs. Port Orchard rivalry on this blog and the Speaking of South Kitsap blog..)

Coppola: “We’re not in podunk anymore.”

Bremerton Beat: Oh really?

Coppola: “We are tired of being the red-headed stepchild of Kitsap County …”

Bremerton Beat: Redheads out there: are you offended?

— Angela Dice

4 thoughts on “Bremerton Beat Adds Its Responses to Port Orchard Podunk Talk

  1. “real real proud”

    Uh huh. You may be bald instead of redhead, Mayor, but you still can’t tell an adjective from an adverb, so I think you are still in Podunk.

  2. Mr. Coppola,

    As a red-head, I’m offended by your comment. How would you respond to the name “skindome”?? Or “chromedome”? Can’t you grow some hair? You look old.

  3. Lary,

    Your comment was offensive. How would you like to be excluded from something because you can’t grow hair on your head anymore?

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