Live Video — Bremerton Car Tab Debate

Yesterday’s experiment with the live feed from the Sun editorial board meeting went fairly well, we counted more than 140 viewers watching the discussion with state ferries director David Moseley. If you missed it, the session is archived here.

It’s unique that the ed board meets more than once a week, but due to some creative scheduling we’re back together this afternoon. Today’s guests are Bremerton city councilmen Nick Wofford and Cecil McConnell, who’ll debate the car tab fee being considered by the council.

We’ll get started around 5 p.m. Our web editor, Angela Dice, will host a live blog during the meeting alongside the broadcast. Head to around then and there will be a link to the coverage. You’ll have a chance to comment there, or send a question and we’ll try to fit it in. And send along any feedback on the experience of listening in on the editorial board meetings, it’s a new idea for us and we’d  like to know how it works for our readers (or viewers in this case, I suppose).

— David Nelson

One thought on “Live Video — Bremerton Car Tab Debate

  1. It was a thrill to be a part of the Car Tag meeting to see and hear firsthand how our government works. (or doesn’t work)

    Thank you, Kitsap Sun for the opportunity to observe…even make a few comments… THANK YOU!
    Sharon O’Hara

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