Something Nu in Bremerton

Website readers may have noticed the Kitsap Minute post that went up earlier this week, and heard cops reporter Josh Farley breeze through the week’s top stories. It’s a neat little feature we’ve added, and I’d love to claim this was our own idea.

But it’s not. Kitsap Minute is the brainchild of Mike Barnet, a local boy come home who’s now spending his time spreading the gospel of Bremerton’s various subcultures on BKAT.

Barnet left Kitsap after high school in the mid-90s (like, right after high school, he said), and learned the ropes of big-budget video production and the music industry between LA and NYC. He returned last year, tilted his two-year-old culture website Nu Americas toward Kitsap, and is now producing a slick, tightly-edited 12-minute show (or 13, I suppose, with Farley’s newscast as the kicker) that airs Tuesday nights at 9:30 on BKAT. The show has featured local bands, bars and businesses, checks out trends or scenes that don’t get much attention, and is always looking for the unique character that we may not embrace quite enough in our community.

“I want people my age and younger to realize this is not a bad place to live,” he told me. “This is a great place to live.”

No argument here.

The Nu Americas broadcast is about a month old, still being done on Barnet’s dime outside of a few friends helping host the show and our contribution to the quick newscast. He’s looking for sponsors, of course, but just as much he’s looking for ideas and some love from the community. So catch the show, see clips at his site, and drop him a line — — to let him know what’s out there.

— David Nelson

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