Another Satisfied Customer

In a week that hasn’t exactly been one to write home about for the state ferry system, a writer’s-blocked Seattlite jumps on the pile with a pot shot at the Bremerton route. See his blog, hosted for the time being by the Seattle P-I, here.

Since Sean is a pilot for a major airline, you wouldn’t think he’d be one to cast a stone at an agency trying to wring an extra dollar for additional service to pass the time. Not that I want to be nickel-and-dimed by the ferry service for Wi-Fi or galley service any more than need be, but a writer searching for solace and inspiration should look beyond fried food and an Internet connection.

To things like, for example:

— Coffee, and beer, in the galley. Don’t stray from the basics, WSF can handle these.
— Silence, or near silence, in the galley seating during pretty much every run from 10:30 until 3. Try it on a Sunday sometime.
— Manchester, Mt. Rainier, West Seattle, cargo ships on the starboard side (headed into Seattle), downtown, Manette, Bainbridge and Elliott Bay out the port windows. Plenty to muse on there.
— The occasional run-in with Bremerton ferry commuter/critic/sage Chris Kornelis to wade through the issues of the day.

It ain’t much Sean, I’ll admit, but for me those sooth the experience. Given the threats coming out of Olympia this month, for now we’re hoping to hold on to that.

— David Nelson

3 thoughts on “Another Satisfied Customer

  1. As a Bremerton resident and fellow Seattle PI reader blogger I have done tons of writing on the ferries. I either bring a book, listen to my iPod or take photos ( PS Feel free to use these. They are CC licensed and are free for all to republish). Actually I can lean back, look out my window and see one of the boats in the dock.

    I actually met my last two ex-girlfriends on the ferries. The Ferries are a great place to meet other singles but take it with a grain of salt since they are both EXes.

    I don’t take the ferries for work but I take them to go over to Seattle and see friends and such. I never pay for Wifi and rarely buy any food on the ferries. There is a good little shop right next to the ferry ducks in Bremerton that has much more attractive prices and selection. The ferries is a major part of the quality of life and culture of Kitsap County and the town of Bremerton.

    DC has the metro, New York has the subways, Chicago has the “L”, the bay area has BART and Kitsap has the ferries

  2. A best friend and I only twice rode the ferry together to Seattle, but one ride stands out in memory as though it was yesterday, not almost forty years ago.

    For most of us the ferries are part of the highway of life in Kitsap and for the entire Olympic Peninsula…our way to get from point A to point B.
    For many of us at one time or another the ferry was the key to work and/or school.

    Both rides were memorable in different ways, for different reasons but one ride was one of history and discovery for me.

    She turned herself beyond a great friend into a walking talking history book. She was a running commentary along both shorelines of Kitsap History…and beyond Kitsap into Seattle and the surrounds.

    The shoreline, places and people popped out from the shore into the real life present and into my mind as people, not just names of people, live and long dead. They were only names until that day. She made people, dates and places come alive and forever changed my former view of looking at a shoreline and seeing only a beautiful and scenic shoreline alongside my ferry ride to work.

    The point is, our ferries are the greatest part of our transportation life and just as real and needed as any thread running through the clothes we wear.

    In my opinion.
    Thank you old friend.
    Sharon O’Hara

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