Sunshine and Rainbows in Bremerton

Rainbow in Bremerton over Manette.
Rainbow in Bremerton over Manette

Bremerton: an oasis in the storm. Bet you don’t hear that everyday. But that’s what we were when compared with all the flooding destruction from Wednesday and Thursday’s storm. We even got sunshine and rainbows. See a couple more photos:

Rainbow from Washington Avenue
Rainbow from Washington Avenue
Double rainbow in Bremerton over Manette. I swear this photo was not doctored. Ask anyone who was on Washinton Ave. about 4:30 Wednesday.
Double rainbow in Bremerton over Manette.

And here’s the sunshine …

View overlooking PSNS from city hall.
View overlooking PSNS from Bremerton

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Rainbows in Bremerton

  1. It always looks like this in Manette. I don’t see why it’s so blog-worthy.

    Now, back to counting my pot of gold….

  2. What would it take to get more lights over Manette at night? Lights over the Manette bridge would look great and tie the night lights of Bremerton in with the one day bright lights of Manette.
    Just a thought from my last night ferry home.

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